“This Is Not Acceptable Anymore!!”: Bodybuilding World Shows Unanimous Distress After Visa Issue Shatters Yet Another Bodybuilder’s Dream

Bodybuilding isn’t just popular in one country; people all over the world love it. That’s why we have amazing bodybuilding champions from places other than the US. But nowadays, many new bodybuilders have a tough time going to the US for their competitions. This has been a problem in the past and is happening more and more now.

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Recently, an update on Instagram related to Mr. Olympia 2023 broke the dreams of one bodybuilder. He can’t join the Mr. Olympia contest because they said “no” to his visa request.

Hasan Alibrahim’s Mr Olympia 2023 journey ended


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Hasan Alibrahim, who claimed gold in Classic Physique Online, cannot take part in Mr. Olympia 2023. Bis and Tris posted on Instagram: “BREAKING News: Syria’s Hasan Alibrahim to miss out on the 2023 Mr. Olympia following a denied visa request.”

His fans got furious about this. One of them said,
“This is not acceptable anymore!!
Too many great athletes have issues with that visa !
The athletes put tremendous effort to get that stage and that final step ( Visa ) ruins everything!!!
The ⭕️ Must find a solution for this problem!!”

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Fans are distraught because the Mr. Olympia competition always happens at the same location. Upon hearing the bad news about Hasan Alibrahim ‘s visa denial, they shared their views in the comment section.


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Suggestion to move Mr. Olympia to another country

Many think the Olympia contest should happen in a different country so there are no more visa problems. One person said, “I support Olympia to a new country every year. This is bonkers.” Another Instagram user commented: “Olympia needs to do better, so many great athletes missing out due to visas.” Someone even suggested Canada as a new location, saying, “Time to move Olympia to another country.. Canada is close to the US. Move it there.”

But some people said we should understand the Mr. Olympia team’s side. One user wrote: “For those blaming the Olympia for not “supporting” athletes, you need to understand that it’s beyond the purview of The Olympia to lobby Immigration (The Government) to grant Visas. The Olympia can offer invitation letter, but that’s just about all they can do. Bodybuilding is a small, niche sport compared to Football/Soccer so it’s sway when it comes to immigration is very limited.”


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Visa issues are stopping international bodybuilders from competing in the US. However, it’s a serious issue, and cooperation between the bodybuilding community and the government is needed for a solution. What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comments.

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