“This Is F***ing Insane”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Makes Huge Prediction as Logan Paul’s Boss Move Earns Him $500M in Less Than Two Years

The eldest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger likes discussing various things on social media. While the actor didn’t choose to follow in his father’s footsteps to take up bodybuilding, he is an avid sports fan. It’s nearly impossible for a sports fan on social media not to hear about YouTubers-turned-boxers Logan Paul and KSI. However, the former boxing rivals went viral last year for a different reason.

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The entrepreneurs joined forces to enter the competitive energy drink market with PRIME. Their collaboration shook the internet as both personalities command huge fan bases. Since then, PRIME Energy has pulled one win after another. Earlier, Patrick Schwarzenegger came across a news concerning PRIME that blew his mind. So he made a massive prediction about the company that will mint Paul and KSI $500 million.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is beyond impressed with PRIME’s growth


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The bodybuilding legend’s son often shares posts he finds impressive on X (Twitter). He shared an update on PRIME by CPG WIRE. The news outlet posted about the incredible growth of Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink company. “PRIME launched in January of 2022 and will deliver more than $500M in year two revenue,” CGP Wire wrote in the caption.

The news outlet also compared the growth of PRIME with one of the most renowned brands in the fitness industry, BODYARMOR. “For context, BODYARMOR was founded in 2011 and didn’t surpass $250M in sales until 2018. Wild.” wrote the news outlet. The numbers impressed the eldest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“This is f***ing insane,” wrote the 29-year-old actor. The Mosh Bar co-founder also made a massive prediction. “Could easily be (a) public company in a year,” added the bodybuilding legend’s son. Going public and launching an IPO is a significant step for a company and usually takes years with multiple rounds of investments from angel investors. However, PRIME Energy has also had its fair share of controversy.

Ingredients under scrutiny

While the band’s growth is the 29-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s also gotten a massive amount of negative PR over the last year. The ingredients and their doses in the drink have come under scrutiny. In July, the Canadian government pulled PRIME cans from stores because they contain 200 mg of caffeine. However, Canada only allows 180 mg of the substance per gram.


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While 200 mg of caffeine is permissible in many countries, it’s not recommended for kids or teens in any country. Yet, PRIME is extremely popular with teenagers. The energy drink also uses artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Recently, the World Health Organisation said regular consumption of artificial sweeteners might cause health problems.

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