“They Poisoning the Kids”: Now on a Strict Fruit-Only Diet, Bodybuilder Accuse Top Bodybuilding Icons for Selling Hazardous Supplements

With the advancement of medical technology, the fitness industry is coming up with several ways that can assist bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. But in the process of this improvement, more often than not, people are overlooking the side effects and the ingredients used to make supplements. Although sold in the name of fitness, a lot of the products can be harmful to individuals.

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Kali Muscle is 48 years old. Although nearing 50, the bodybuilder and fitness influencer became an internet sensation after he undertook a strictly food-based diet for 30 days. Thus, preaching about the necessary nutrients, Kali Muscle ventures to test some supplement products.

Kali Muscle exposes supplement brands


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In his latest YouTube Video, Kali Muscle comes forward with several distinct products from the fitness world that claim to help people achieve and improve their health. However, he points out that some of these products, instead of helping, can be ruining the health of many. He sharply stated, “California warning. Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals, including lead and Mercury. Which are known to the state of California that cause cancer, birth effects, and reproductive harm”

Moreover, Kali Muscle pointed out one of the most crucial downsides of the increased use of misleading products. He stated, “They poisoning the kids the teenagers that come and get this”

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Kali Muscle delivers news, which often becomes huge news. When he recently updated his fans about his health, people got concerned about the bodybuilder.


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Kali Muscle’s recent health update

Known as a devotee of fruits, Kali Muscle had been trending in the community for a while. However, he recently shared sad news with his audience. He confessed, “I can’t breathe.” Moreover, he also stated, “So today we’re doing the oxygen tank and they telling me this supposed to regulate my body and do me real good, especially by me being a fruitarian now and doing a lot of fasting so we go to go.”


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The bodybuilding industry is ever so flourishing. And to blend in with the trend, many supplement companies are rising up in the community. However, they often reduce their quality to make more profits. Do you think that it’s high time when people should be made aware of these cases? Let us know in the comments.

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