“They All Were Getting Na**d”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Left Jaw-Dropped by Crazy Shenanigans of the Artist Who Painted Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley

Arnold Schwarzenegger has played multiple roles in his life. He started as a bodybuilding star who won seven times in Mr. Olympia. He then ventured into Hollywood and conquered that industry. He finally became a politician, becoming the governor of California. Now, he is an author who has published his latest book, ‘Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life,’ and recently talked about his book and a weird experience with a famous painter who painted Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about na**d men piling up

In the interview with The 92nd Street Y, New York, he talked about his experience while going down to Andy Warhol’s factory. In 1977, he got a call from a famous artist saying that he would be painted and immortalized on paper. Warhol had made Polaroids of the former bodybuilding champion, which are featured in the new book.


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He recalled this time with a glimmer in his eyes. “I was painted by Jamie Wyeth. He painted [ballet star Rudolf] Nureyev in the morning, and he painted me in the afternoon. It went on for two weeks,” Arnie told the reporter. Arnie became a subject for Jamie Wyeth, who was also another great painter and had done portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. While talking about the two weeks he spent going into the factory, the Hollywood star recalled a bizarre incident. Arnold said, “He (Jaime Wayeth) then ended up painting me.”

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He continued, “In the afternoon, he painted me… During that time, I remember there were just odd things going down.” While the painting was going on, the Austrian Oak recalled that many other men were called in. He said with a surprised expression, “They prepare a table, and all of a sudden there are fifty guys.”


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While the other men started removing their clothes, Arnie described that he looked away while he was posing for the painting, and the audience burst out with laughter. When Arnie asked what was going on, Jaime said it was nothing! Finally, the 76-year-old said, “The next thing I know is that this guy is now na**d and starts piling on top of each other on this square table.” The play shocked the bodybuilder because he loved art.

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The Austrian Oak loved art and artwork, and also considered bodybuilding as a form of art. On several occasions, the legend described that bodybuilders were sculptors who sculpted the body into the perfect physique. What do you think about this interesting story? Tell us in the comments below.


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