“These Matters Are Far Beyond Our Control”: After Continuous Backlash, IFBB Finally Breaks Silence on Bodybuilders Being Denied US Visas

Bodybuilding is a global sport in which multiple countries’ athletes take part. Great bodybuilders from different places, not just the United States, participate in the most prestigious event, Mr. Olympia. But as the event takes place in the US, many new bodybuilders have trouble coming to America. And now this problem has been happening more frequently.

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Mr. Olympia LLC recently posted a picture on their Instagram account. The message written on the image was regarding the recent immigration challenges that athletes have been facing. The information was provided to clarify the current situation regarding the same.

Challenge for bodybuilders before Mr. Olympia


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The post talked about a problem that some athletes face when they want to come to the United States to compete in the Mr. Olympia. The post’s caption stated, “We’ve been monitoring some of the challenges certain athletes have faced in their efforts to travel to the United States to compete in this year’s Olympia. Matters relating to immigration can be extremely complicated. Each situation brings unique circumstances, depending on their resident country, overall political climate, and personal history.”

They also mentioned that they help athletes by giving them “invitation letters” when they ask for them. These letters help athletes when they’re going through the immigration process. But there’s a limit to what they can do because immigration matters are not in their hands. They added, “Unfortunately many of these matters are far beyond our control, as they are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the immigration personnel assigned to the individual case. We appreciate the work of everyone involved.”

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In tough times, they’re grateful to all those who help make the Olympia a world championship that welcomes people from everywhere. Some bodybuilders miss out on the chance to perform at this prestigious stage.


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A couple of famous bodybuilders have been facing the immigration challenge

Iranian bodybuilder Behrooz Tabani is one of the bodybuilders who is probably going to miss out on Mr. Olympia 2023. Even though the Iranian bodybuilder won the 2023 Arnold Classic South America, there’s a question mark about whether they can compete in Mr. O because they have a problem with their visa

Nathan De Asha, a bodybuilder who won two important competitions, is another bodybuilder who probably won’t be able to participate in this year’s Mr. Olympia because his visa to the US was denied. He had some trouble with the police in the past for protesting against racism.


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Fans are upset because the Mr. Olympia competition always happens in the same location. When they heard the bad news about visa denials, they weren’t very surprised because it had happened before. What do you think about the situation? You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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