“These Foods Create a Scarcity Loop”: 76-Year-Old Arnold Schwarzenegger Exposes Well-Kept Secret of $120.96 Billion Industry Ruining American Lives

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger has been lifting for decades now. Having started lifting during his teenage years, Schwarzenegger has a ton of experience when it comes to bodybuilding. Despite retiring from the sport ages ago, Schwarzenegger still trains regularly and follows a strict and healthy diet to ensure longevity and good health. However, he frequently points out that the ultra-processed foods that people rely on these days can be really detrimental to one’s health.

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Schwarzenegger uses his daily newsletter, ‘Arnold’s Pump Club,’ to spread awareness about the optimum way to train and the correct diet to follow so that people get all the essential nutrients. He currently has a 550,000-member fitness community. In the most recent edition of his newsletter, he talks about “how food industry is messing with your mind.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the problem with the junk food industry


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Being from a small village in Austria, Arnold never had too many junk options available to him. However, as time passed, the now $120.96 billion junk food, also evolved, and the availability of junk food increased. Schwarzenegger explains in the newsletter that it was in the 1970s when obesity suddenly saw a huge rise in America after food manufacturers started mass production of ultra-processed foods. Schwarzenegger further made an exciting revelation, stating, “People consumed 500 more calories when they ate ultra-processed food compared to less processed food.”

Schwarzenegger explained this further by pointing out that “the reason is that these foods create a scarcity loop—as outlined in the fantastic new book Scarcity Brain—which controls you and can influence behaviors you want to avoid.”

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Arnold went on to provide the solution for this too. He suggested that there are methods by which this can be resolved. Let’s take a look at what they are.

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Arnold suggests solutions to reduce junk food in your life


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Schwarzenegger wrote that a good solution for this can be to remove all the junk from your kitchen, which will ensure that you remove the opportunity. “Or, you can take away the unpredictable rewards by eating the same healthy foods frequently and not having every meal be an explosion of sugar, salt, and fat,” Schwarzenegger added.

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As for the other methods, ‘The Austrian Oak’ suggested relying more and more on food items that consist of one or the least possible ingredients, “like lean meats, whole grains like rice and oats, and fruits and vegetables.”


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It was this positive approach of Schwarzenegger towards nutrition that ensured his good health, despite being 76 years old. What are your views on Arnold’s revelation? Let us know in the comments.

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