“The Toilet Seat Killed Me”: 300 Lbs Strongman Beast Copying Super Ripped Dudes Workout Leaves Fitness World Dying With Laughter

The bodybuilding world doesn’t always talk about hard-core exercises, strict eating regimens, victory, defeat, and so on. It’s not all about serious stuff; sometimes, even legends like them enjoy some lively moments in life. These two famous bodybuilders, known for their massive muscles and intimidating looks, had their fans roaring with laughter.

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The duo is well-known for their funny videos that their fans love. They often imitate exercises from viral videos, and they did it again recently. But this time, the workout equipment they used was downright hilarious.

Two bodybuilding beasts brought unstoppable laughter to fans and the fitness world


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In a recent Instagram post, Eddie Hall and his workout buddy, Arron Crascall, had a blast. They shared a video on their official Instagram accounts where they playfully mimicked the workout routines of two other pro bodybuilders.

In a humorous twist, they decided to use something unusual for their workout – toilet paper! They mimicked exercises from viral videos of other bodybuilders, but their attempt to exercise with toilet paper didn’t quite work out as planned. However, the laughter they generated from the audience was truly amazing.

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After watching their fun-filled video, fans couldn’t contain their excitement. The comments section on Instagram was filled with fans sharing their thoughts and reactions.

Hilarious video caught the fans’ reaction

The laugh-inducing video caught so many fans’ reactions. Commenting on the video, the drum and bass musician, Eksman said, The toilet seat killed me!!!”  Relating the video as the best cardio exercise, one Instagram user said, “Those movements Eddie did in those seconds,is enough cardio for him for 5 years. Another user with an incredible level of laughter put emojis in the comment and said,The laugh at the end was the best. Calling the video best for mind-blowing abs, one said,If you want killer abs, used the toilet seat how it was originally meant to be used! Counting his watch time of the video, another fan said, I watched this twice before I noticed the toilet seats.”  “Both of you did it much better than them.


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It was indeed a great time for everyone to watch this hysterical video of the toilet sheet workouts. Eddie Hall and Arron Crascall brought delight to the viewers with their amusing actions. Fans embraced everlasting entertainment. Did you enjoy it too? Let’s know the below.


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