“The Risk Is Too Great. Not Worth It”: Despite Her Boldness, Fitness Community Harshly Criticizes Woman for Training While Pregnant

The worlds of fitness and bodybuilding never cease to amaze and inspire. But occasionally, celebrities other than professional sportsmen can steal the show. Enter fitness instructor Mece Bridgewater. She recently displayed a tremendous strength and endurance performance that left everyone raving about it.

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Recently, a video posted on the popular Instagram page, Gym Tears, showcased 9 months pregnant Mece Bridgewater, fervently engaged in intense workouts. The sight of her dedication, even with a prominently visible baby bump, left many in awe and others in concern.

Mece Bridgewater’s intense workouts


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Bridgewater is a fitness trainer and was seen indulging in rigorous activities including cardio, high jumps, squats, and lunges, all while being nine months pregnant, and not just with one baby, but twins. The video’s check-in note proudly stated, “9 months pregnant with twins.” The post was accompanied by an uplifting caption with a cheery morning greeting that celebrated the essence of an active lifestyle, even during pregnancy.

However, while Bridgewater’s spirit and determination can be applauded, the fitness community has expressed grave concerns. Many believe that such intensity, especially during the later stages of pregnancy, can pose significant risks both to the mother and her unborn children. The consensus among many is clear: the risk is too great, and it’s not worth it.

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Fitness experts often advise expectant mothers to consult their doctors before engaging in any form of exercise, ensuring that both mother and child remain safe and healthy. Engaging in exercises this intense may harm both the child and the mother. Looking at her video, the fitness community was worried about both the mother and her babies.


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The fitness community criticises the act

As with most viral posts, the video attracted a flood of reactions, many of which were less than positive. Some comments echoed the sentiment, “The risk is too great! Not worth it.” Another concerned user stated, “Absolutely unnecessary, and very selfish.” The tone of the majority of the comments hovered around the same lines, with statements like, “Not ok watching this.”

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Another user commented, “This isn’t inspiring. This is scary!!!” One comment aptly summed up the divided feelings: “She looks more painful than motivating.” While the internet remains divided on Bridgewater’s actions, one thing is clear: the debate on the extent of physical activity during pregnancy continues. It’s crucial for everyone, especially expectant mothers, to prioritize health and safety over trends.

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