“The Pillars Will Fall and the Earth Will Shake”: As Lionhearted Bodybuilder Remains “Focused and Hungry” for Olympia Title, Bodybuilding World Believes He Will Be Unstoppable

Bodybuilding legends are made with just the right blend of unwavering determination, dedication, and passion to etch a name for themselves in the realms of the sport. Well, the lion-hearted bodybuilder, often regarded as the Nigerian Lion, is no short of any of these qualities.

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The bodybuilder made his debut in the Mr. Olympia championships last year and managed to bag the sixth position. However, all his hard work paid off, and he managed to earn the title of Arnold Classic 2023 for himself. But that is not enough for him, and he is all fueled up for this year’s Olympia.

Samson Dauda shares fitness update 


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Bodybuilding legend, Samson Dauda, also known as the Nigerian Lion, recently took to his official Instagram account and shared a picture of himself after an intense workout session in the gym. The pump on his biceps and forearms is evidence enough to demonstrate the hard work that he has been putting in to pursue perfection.

In the caption, he wrote, Always remember your focus determines your reality… Focused and Hungry”. Dauda was seen wearing a blue graphic t-shirt and had a shaker in his hands, for the post-workout energy. His focus, however, was fixated on the workout routine with his headphones on. Dauda’s update is symbolic of the kind of dedication that he has been showcasing in his preparation for the upcoming Mr. Olympia. 

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To many, this might just seem like Samson Dauda sharing a fitness update, displaying how he has been putting his all in to win this time. However, the fitness community saw this as another opportunity to stand by one of their idols and came about in full support cheering him for D-day.

Fans motive Samson Dauda to go all in

Samson Dauda’s fans and followers filled his post with overwhelming comments that were directed toward them rooting for him to win this year. While one of them, talking about his feats of strength, wrote, “The pillars will fall and the earth will shake. Your time is now to shake up the world,” another commented, “No one can stop to you winning olmpiya shadow”.


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A follower showering Samson Dauda with positive energy commented, “Focus bro you are the future Olympia”. Another, taking to his exceptionally massive size, wrote, “Looking huge dude.” One of them, implying his dedication and determination, simply wrote, “Inspiration.” What are your thoughts on the Nigerian Lion winning the title of Mr. Olympia this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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