“The Part People Struggle With”: 33 YO Certified Coach Who Battled Eating Disorder in the Past Reveals Shocking Fitness Challenges

The journey to transformation is often a cause of years of struggle to accept oneself for who they are. The 33-year-old fitness trainer has a very similar motive in getting people to lead a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 14, when she was at a swim practice, a male teammate covered her arms with his fingers and meant to measure the size of her arms. Once he did, he started measuring the size of his biceps to suggest they were the same. 

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Sohee Carpenter, after that incident, suffered from anorexia and bulimia, but she always maintained intense activity levels as a teenager. However, one day, she decided to bring a change, and became a fitness trainer, so that no one else has to go through what she went through. She recently shared the many challenges that often come in the way of being fit and healthy. 

Sohee Carpenter shares fitness challenges that come in the process of transformation 


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In one of her interviews with the Women’s Health Magazine, the Wonder Woman fitness coach, Sohee Carpenter, unveiled her journey of becoming fit and delving into a Ph.D. degree in analyzing women who lift. She also added a few more pointers that can help people get through the journey easily.

In the interview, she spoke about how her major goal is often to not let her clients suffer through problems of body image, and she often makes sure that they are comfortable in their own skin. Only then does she go on to the process of weight training and taking up a proper diet.

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She said, “Even though I’m a certified strength and conditioning specialist, the majority of my content is focused on body image and eating behavior. The workouts are usually not the part people struggle with—it’s the eating, the sleep, the everything else.” Carpenter even shared what brought her close to the fitness world.

Sohee Carpenter embarking on her transformation journey

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After the incident at the swim practice, Carpenter started skipping her meals and got herself into every possible activity that had even the slightest chance of making her lean. With time, as she got into eighth grade, she started counting her calories instead of missing her meals and started just eating less. She became overly conscious about body image, weight loss, and dieting in her 20s.


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Sohee Carpenter also admired a fitness model who had a perfectly ripped core. As she saw her pictures on the cover of a fitness magazine at a local supermarket, she wanted to be like her. She started gaining muscles and earned a personal training certificate, wanting to be like her. And well, that is how we have the amazing fitness trainer – Sohee Carpenter. What are your thoughts on her journey? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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