“The Guy Has 3 Biceps”: Despite Hating It, 50-YO Monster’s Bulging Arm Workout Drives Bodybuilding World Crazy

The world of bodybuilding is growing immensely. It gained massive popularity because of social media. The web gave a voice to these bodybuilders to connect and share their views directly with the audiences. Thus, one of the most admired bodybuilders of all time, Jay Cutler uses social media platforms to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, even after his retirement, he never stopped training and still maintains his iconic huge arms.

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However, Cutler frequently shares his exercise routines, recently he shared an arm workout video that blew his fan’s mind. He dedicated his life to sports and fitness. Even in his 50s, he made youngsters feel ashamed of themselves due to his incredible build-up. One of the biggest reasons why people adore him so much.

Jay Cutler with huge arms influencing people on the web


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The bodybuilding beast has the biggest monstrous arms, 22 and a half inches in size. He dominated the bodybuilding arena with his giant physique and abilities. Cutler shared an arm workout day on his Instagram page, which attained the attention of a frenzy.

He captioned his new short video “Arm day w/ @fatgripz,” in one of Cutler’s old videos he named his favorite biceps and triceps exercises: Cable Triceps Pushdown. 50-YO does this for a warm-up and 2-3 warm-up sets & 3-4 working sets. The second exercise he chose was the Iso-Lateral Triceps Extension Machine. The Third would be the Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension 3 sets with 12 reps each. Cable Triceps Pushdown, three sets of 12 reps. Iso-Lateral Biceps Curl, Standing Dumbbell Curl, and Machine Preacher Curl, he completed each exercise with three sets and twelve repetitions. And for the last, EZ Bar Curl, he used to do four sets of this particular workout.

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Cutler also revealed separate regimens for the biceps and triceps. In a throwback video, the four-time Mr. Olympia shared how he did biceps and triceps workouts on the same day. He added, “I always do triceps before I do biceps”, adding that this helped him to get a pump for his biceps workout. Moreover, the latest video of his arm day is a portrayal as the source of motivation. People went gaga on this.

His charismatic personality inspires even the kids!

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The video clip also illustrated Cutler exercising his massive arm muscles by doing more than 10 reps of Barbell curls without stopping. Wonder-struck to see his massive physique, fans shared flattery comments on this short clip.


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One of his fans wrote about his astonishing biceps “The guy has 3 biceps.” Another mentioned that despite his age, he is still nailing the fitness with his pure dedication, “Looking great Jay, inspiring for us in our 40s that we still have lots of great life left, age is a number and mentality,” and “Jay still killing it, this man loves the process and the work!”  He not only inspired the adults but the kids also loved him. “When I grow up I want to be like this” “The best forever.” Cutler Indeed is the greatest of all. Do you also agree with his fans? Tell us in the comments.

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