‘The Chemist’ Who Defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares a Remarkable Bodybuilding Advice to Prevent Injury

In the ever-changing sphere of fitness, there are very few figures who have made an impact. Frank Zane is one such bodybuilding icon. Even at the age of 81, his enthusiasm and perseverance for bodybuilding have not dwindled. His continuous focus on helping others with his fitness wisdom has led him to work on his blog and social media where he imparts valuable knowledge.

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Blog number 30 by Frank Zane touches upon a significant topic that often people overlook while working out. Injuries are very common when a person is lifting an iron in the gym however there are some hidden injuries that they might ignore. One search problem is elbow injury and Frank Zane has the perfect solution to avoid it.

Frank Zane gives the best advice on elbow injury prevention and healing


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In his recent blog, he starts the topic by talking about the first thing that is needed to avoid elbow injuries. A strong and sturdy forearm is a good way to prevent harm to the elbows. He starts by writing, “You need strong forearms to prevent elbow injuries. I’ll bet if you do have elbow pain your forearms aren’t as condition as they should be. The remedy is to do forearm strengthening exercises along with proper hand position when working the upper body with barbells and machines.”

The three time Mr. Olympia who defeated Arnold, also talks about using dumbbells to strengthen the forearms. He writes, “It is important to do upper body pushing and pulling exercises with hands in a user-friendly position. This is best achieved with dumbbells. Since you can rotate the dumbbells there is little stress on the wrist and elbow. Barbells put the hands in elbow unfriendly positions during pushing and pulling movements and when the thumbs are wrapped tightly around the barbell stress is aimed at the elbow.”

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After explaining the situation he goes on to give the solution and talks about the tennis elbow that is caused by the straight bar which is pulled towards the body with an overhand grip. Zane clearly states that barbells are the main culprit since the hand has to be locked into the bar and cannot rotate. This causes the elbow to have stress as well as the wrist.

He even gave an example of his injury from slamming his car door after a hard workout on his inner elbow. The best solution to protecting elbows from being injured is using dumbbells because the hand and arms can rotate freely. The Chemist also mentioned that working out while a part of the body is hurt is not beneficial. Thus taking rest is also of utmost importance. Frank has always advocated for a scientific opposed to bodybuilding as well as the mind and body connexion.

Frank Zane reflects on the power of the mind and body connection


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He previously posted a charming picture on Instagram that showcased his marvelous physique. But it was not just the image that got people’s attention. The profound wisdom that he shared in the caption resonated with all of his fans. He wrote, “Everything starts in your mind.” He highlighted that the mind has a very powerful effect on the body as well as shaping our truth.

An open mindset is extremely important so that one can tap into the greatest potential. Frank Zane always had an open mind and used trial-and-error methods to understand what kind of workout regime was best for him. The maths and chemistry teacher who taught students for 13 years used his wisdom to the best of his abilities.

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