“That’s the Real Poison”: Days After Offering 3-Minute Cancer Prevention Hack, Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares an Eye-Opening Dietary Advice

The seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and the former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, took over different industries and excelled in each. At 76, he still provides valuable information through his newsletter, Arnold’s Pump Club. He imparts the knowledge to his fans for free so that they can take the right steps toward fitness. In the recent edition of the newsletter, he talked about a particular food in the age of fast information due to the internet and social media. Let’s see what the Austrian oak has to say.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger warns against fast information about food

This week’s newsletter talked about oatmeal and its benefits. Schwarzenegger pointed out that in the fast-paced world of social media, different people have different opinions about simple food, in this case, oatmeal. The bodybuilding legend cited that, according to research, the food is not at all harmful to health, as some influences are claiming it to be. After clearing up doubts about the benefits of oatmeal, he went on to talk about the harmful effects of information taken from social media.


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Arnie said, “Every month, another hot take on food or nutrition causes you to worry. And next month, it’ll be something new. That’s the real poison—information that pushes you to extremes, creates confusion, and causes you to buy into behaviors that leave you worse off than you started.”

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The Terminator actor always mentions scientific research and empirical studies while proving knowledge right or wrong in his newsletter. He had similarly given a three-minute hack to reduce the risk of cancer with proper research in his newsletter as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger highlights a crucial study that can reduce the risk of cancer


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The bodybuilding icon an actor gave his “village” was the valuable information that certain activities can prevent 13 kinds of cancer. A research study that Arnie highlighted was a large one with 22,000 participants. The UK Biobank Accelerometry Study examined the effects of short bursts of activity and energy on adults who did not work out on a daily basis.

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Researchers finally found that even a three-minute burst of exercise or energy was enough to decrease the possibility of cancer by 30%. The five-time Mr. Universe winner wrote, “Think sprinting up stairs or rushing around the home.” The Austrian Oak also made people aware that these short bursts of energy were not necessarily exercising. It was just a matter of getting the heart rate to increase through day-to-day activities.


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Even in the recent edition of his newsletter, Schwarzenegger gave valuable information about ignoring too much knowledge from social media. What do you think of his advice? Tell us in the comments below.

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