“That’s Cute”- Warning About Bear Attacks, Joe Rogan Ridicules 450 Lbs Strongman’s Claim to Take Down a Black Bear

The strongman and bodybuilding world often talks about legends and imagined battles. In a recent video posted on the YouTube channel, The PowerfulJRE Vault, Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen dived into a playful yet intriguing debate. Could Strongman Brian Shaw potentially stand up against a bear?

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Brian Shaw, a name that resonates with raw power, is the colossal figure at the center of this friendly argument. Rogan and Callen’s conversation shed light on Shaw’s incredible strength feats. It paints a picture of a man whose very physicality borders on superhuman.

Bryan Callen on the strength of Brian Shaw


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The world has always been captivated by the prowess of strongmen. From lifting massive weights to performing feats of strength that defy logic, these athletes carve a niche for themselves in the annals of history. Brian Shaw, however, seems to operate on a different plane altogether.

Callen recounts how Shaw once squatted a whopping 720 pounds, not just once, but 13 times in under a minute. But beyond the raw strength lies a man of surprising intelligence and competitiveness. Callen stresses this point, mentioning how Shaw is not just about brawn but also brains, making him a doubly formidable figure.

Yet, for all of Shaw’s undeniable prowess in the realm of human strength, could he truly match up against one of nature’s most fearsome predators–the bear? The debate took an amusing turn when Callen shared an anecdote about Shaw. After hearing about a man’s run-in with a 450-pound black bear, Shaw wondered how he would do against the animal. While Shaw believed he could give the bear a run for its money, Rogan held a different opinion.

Bear Vs. Shaw: A battle of nature vs. nurture?


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Joe Rogan humorously countered Callen’s bear challenge, emphasizing the ferocity and raw power of bears.  A bear’s strength isn’t merely about its weight.  “That’s cute as far as human beings go that guy rules the roost but when it comes to Bears” He pointed out how bears can drag moose, animals that can weigh up to a staggering 1,500 pounds, with sheer strength. Earlier also Rogan talked about a shocking bear attack incident that resulted in the animal being shot.

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But Callen, always the provocateur, pushed the envelope further, hinting at Shaw’s unique strength. “He’s that competitive he’s that fu*king competitive,” Callen says. Shaw performed this effortless show of strength even before he started his professional training. It also shows a rare natural prowess.


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In conclusion, while Brian Shaw’s feats of strength are undeniably impressive, matching up against the wild power of a bear remains a fantastical debate. As Rogan and Callen playfully argue the hypothetical outcome, one thing becomes clear: Brian Shaw is a force to be reckoned with, whether against weights, men, or playful speculations about bears. But as for taking on nature’s brute force? That remains a question for the ages.

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