“That’s a Terrible Physique for a Bodybuilder”: Vegan Bodybuilder With 23 Titles Gets Brutally Rejected by Fans After His Transformation Went Viral

In the world of bodybuilding, training rigorously to achieve their goals is only one aspect. Another facade that no one should ever think of compromising comes to their diet. Bodybuilders of all ages have strictly instructed the other generations to stick to a disciplined diet regime if they want to sculpt their bodies according to their wishes. However, as the contemporary era looms, a few shocking incidents leave the fans shocked.

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The internet sensation, and preacher of Veganism, Korin Sutton calls himself a Vegan Coach. Apparently winning 23 bodybuilding competitions, he has become a known celebrity in the community. However, as soon as his post goes viral, the community treats his claims with a grain of salt.

Vegan Coach Korin Sutton’s bodybuilding career gets judgments from the fitness community


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In a recent Facebook post by @Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, they shared Korin Sutton’s Instagram post. In the caption of the post they extensively talk about the achievements Sutton had been able to bag in his career. However, when the post stated, “Korin Sutton has been vegan for a decade, and has won 23 bodybuilding competitions as a vegan bodybuilder”, fans go crazy speculative. They deny and mock the facts as portrayed on the Facebook page.

Furthermore, the rejection from fans arose more, as the additional information written in the caption had been a rather triggering and extremely rare phenomenon within the community. It said, “He shows people all over the world that plants have all the protein we need”.

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The bodybuilding community rejects and denies all claims of the bodybuilder presented before them to be vegan. Not only do they get extremely shocked, but they speculate about several negative possibilities.


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Fans instantly reject the Vegan bodybuilder

One of the fans said, “How the hell is he winning bodybuilding shows with that physique? 😂😂 obviously he’s in good shape, but that’s a terrible physique for a bodybuilder.” Another made a sarcastic comment, “Clearly trying to smuggle in a baby back rib.” Another speculated that it must have been steroids instead of meat. They stated, “Ahhhh so no meat and lots of roids is all you need”. Yet another fan remarked, “Vegan competition he won de GrassNold Classic and he is part of the IVBF”. Last, but not least, someone said, “Plants have all the protein we need, but he’s in hella supplements. Get real“.

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It is not easy to get out of the strong myths that persist in the bodybuilding community. But again, seeing the absolute truth, and the make-believe false presentations, would always get caught by the public eyes. As no one is ready to believe in the Vegan bodybuilder, the community finds a humorous adventure in the comments in his post.

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