“That Really Is Painful”: Walking in Joe Rogan and Mark Wahlberg’s Footsteps, Second Richest Bodybuilders Suffer Excruciating Discomfort for Health Reasons

Cold plunges are all the rage in the fitness world right now. From Joe Rogan to Mark Wahlberg, everyone seems to be doing a cold plunge. It is said to reduce a lot of diseases and also help with the reduction of inflammation and increase longevity. It might have a lot of benefits, but this task is grueling and nothing short of torture. Recently, the wealthiest bodybuilding champ and IFBB pro-Rich Gaspari did another cold plunge after a long gap.

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He entertained the bodybuilding community with another jaw-dropping, cold plunge at the Thrive cold plunge tub. Let’s see what he had to say about his experience after a long gap in the icy waters.

Rich Gaspari suffers from painful exercise


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In the video, Gaspari is already inside the cold plunge water, and he is submerged to his chest. As he is speaking, Gaspari is visibly trembling, and his teeth are chattering. This is enough to understand that the experience is very uncomfortable, and he has a lot of endurance. A 60-year-old, who made his name in the bodybuilding world by winning Mr. Universe at the age of 21, shocked the fans with his endurance.


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While trembling in the water, he said, “OK I haven’t done the cold plunge in about a month, and I was doing this every week and it was getting much easier.” He also mentioned the temperature and time, saying it was 5 mins and 42 degrees, and narrated, “Right now, we’re past four minutes and it’s hard. My hands are really hard to get into the water.”

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The richest bodybuilder did not sugarcoat anything and admitted that it was excruciating. He said, “That really is painful, but the benefits outweigh the feeling right now. It’s horrible, but this is supposed to be good for you.” 


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Gaspari confessed in the caption, “Took a break from doing the Cold plunge for about 3 weeks. Now people think I’m crazy doing this but the benefits far out way the discomfort of the 5 minutes doing it. The water was 42 degrees which was extremely cold.” Cold plunges to have a benefit, as Gaspari pointed out. Even the fittest actor in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg, has opted for gold prices, even if he hates it.

Mark Wahlberg does the cold plunge

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Joe Rogan, the UFC commentator, and Mark Wahlberg also opt for cold plunges from time to time. Rogan does what is called a combination of hot sauna and cold plunge. Mark Wahlberg also uses the process of cold plunge just after a cardio workout. Mark Wahlberg might have a unique trick up his sleeve to boost his gym performance–taking icy baths. A neuroscientist Andrew Huberman explains that when you expose your body to extreme cold, it triggers a stress response. Now, too much stress is bad news, causing all sorts of health issues like heart disease and cancer. However, a little stress, like the kind you get from cold exposure, can actually toughen up your body and make it more resilient.


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A study found that just 11 minutes of cold exposure each week can give you some great benefits, like burning more calories through brown fat thermogenesis. Huberman recommends doing short cold sessions, like 1 to 5 minutes, and taking breaks in between. You can also mix it up by doing short cold plunges and then spending 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna. This trend is not showing any signs of slowing down any sooner. Fitness experts claim that it is good for any kind of chronic pain and inflammation in the body. It also boosts metabolism and increases mind-body connection. So would you try a cold plunge ever in your life? Tell us in the comments below.

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