“That Must Be So Depressing”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Flabbergasted to Know an Alarming Fact About 78% Americans

Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived in America since 1968. After struggling to get to the heartland of bodybuilding for years, the youngest Mr. Universe leaped at the opportunity to come to the States. Arnie was so desperate, that he came to America with nothing to his name. However, the bodybuilding icon got the opportunity to fulfill his American dream.

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The seven-time Mr. Olympia aimed for glory and found everything he needed to become a global icon. Hence, the bodybuilding icon was surprised to find out that a depressing stat about the majority of Americans. While discussing his new book, the 76-year-old opened up about how he felt when he learned about the phenomenon. The Hollywood star also discussed a possible solution.

Arnold Schwarzenegger got an unpleasant surprise


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After coming to America, Schwarzenegger worked hard to build a successful life. The five-time Mr. Universe juggled different duties like construction work, bodybuilding, attending university, and acting classes, almost every day of the week. “When you know exactly why you’re working then it becomes fun, a challenge… entertaining sometimes.” said the bodybuilding icon.

So when Schwarzenegger discovered that the majority of American working adults despised their jobs, he was shocked. “When you read that 78% of the American people hate their jobs now… Think about that,” Schwarzenegger said while appearing on the Jay Shetty Podcast. “I mean that must be so depressing,” said the former Governor of California.

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However, the 76-year-old fitness icon offered a potential solution to the monotonous cycle of doing the same job with no sense of progress. Arnie said it was “important that we really have a clear vision,” of how to progress in life. No matter what someone’s profession they should have a plan and try to achieve greatness in that field. Arnie hopes to inspire this change in people with his new book.

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Arnie wrote Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life to help others


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The 76-year-old global icon succeeded in three vastly different fields. While one struggles to achieve greatness in the field of their choice, Schwarzenegger conquered bodybuilding, acting, and politics. Had the constitution of America not prevented him from running for president, Arnie might have achieved that milestone too.

So, the bodybuilding legend wanted to share his philosophy for success with others and wrote his first self-help book. The title itself is a reference to one of the earliest lessons Schwarzenggeer learned in his life. While Arnie’s father didn’t support his bodybuilding endeavor, he told the Austrian Oak to be useful to others instead of simply chasing selfish goals.


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While Schwarzenegger was alarmed to read the concerning statistics about job satisfaction, he hopes to contribute to turning the tide with his latest book.

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