“Thank You for Saving My Life”: Following Hospitalization and Injury Recovery, 23 YO Influencer’s Dedication to Fitness Inspires Netizens Beyond Belief

Fitness and bodybuilding seem to parallel each other. However, to compete in the sport, a contender needs to be fit completely. However, the majority of pro bodybuilders try to help the new-age newcomers with their experience and insights. Lately, a 23-year-old took the internet by storm because of his journey so far in the fitness industry. Alex Eubank proves constantly that, with the right mind, one can overcome hard times.

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A while back, the fitness influencer, decided that fasting for two days would help cleanse his body, but instead ended up making him very sick and he had to go to the hospital. And now he injured his shoulder again. Despite these obstacles, he chose to move forward with life. His approach to not giving up was really appreciated by the fans.

Alex Eubank injured his shoulder in a boxing match


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Eubank, in his recent workout video, talked about his injury. Even an injury cannot stop him from working out, right after that he hit the gym and did an arms workout.“I dislocated my shoulder for the fourth time in the boxing YouTube video….” He shared how he got injured again.

Going further about his injury he mentioned: “..every single time you re-dislocate it it’s more likely to dislocate it again so like more and more the probability of me having to get surgery comes into play and then surgery I hate not ever going to do it because that means I’m out of the gym for three months straight.” His dedication to maintaining a lifestyle has inspired many around the globe. His fans show gratitude for motivating people through his videos.

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Eubank explained that he hadn’t chosen surgery because he didn’t want to take a break from the gym. Even after having the fourth injury, he’s been avoiding surgery. Moreover, his fans went nuts about his new video and shared their experiences on how he’s helping people with his posts without knowing any individual personally.


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Netizens showered love on his video post

One user said that because of his videos, he survived the hardest time “Hey Alex, I wanted to thank you for saving my life, I was in a dark place and you brought me closer to god and gave me motivation to go to the gym, appreciate you, brother.” One followed this comment and mentioned, “Thanks man, you stopped me from doing something bad and I just want to thank you. Love you, man.”

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People have showered love on his YouTube video with a really positive point of view. One such comment read, “Great video, Alex, and I think you would kill it if you competed. Thanks for all you do bro and glad bulk is going well, but also hope you keep recovering well.” Another person wrote “Love the content bro! Keep doing you, you set us all up for success with the knowledge you drop, bless,” and “Always love the content, Alex, keep it up, bro.


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What do you think of him not going for the surgery knowing he dislocated his shoulders? Drop your opinions and comments below.

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