Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Brings His AI Version to Life for a Special Reason: “You Can Ask Me Absolutely Anything”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic figure identified as the unstoppable Terminator, has always been larger than life, both on and off the big screen. Schwarzenegger has constantly changed himself, leaving admirers in amazement at his new moves, from bodybuilding contests to blockbuster movies and even an appearance in politics.

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He just revealed another surprising aspect of his multidimensional self, promising a game-changing bombshell. The legendary bodybuilding icon surprised the world with an unexpected revelation in a recent video on his official YouTube account.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Unique take on AI interaction


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Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced attendees at the iconic Gold’s Gym to this so-called AI system. The intrigue grew as Schwarzenegger described the system, and those familiar with his playful nature might have suspected he had another trick up his sleeve. As the video played out, the AI, dubbed “Arnold Intelligence”, greeted its audience, saying, “Welcome to AI Arnold intelligence. I am a vocal approximation of Arnold Schwarzenegger based on his book ‘Be Useful’. You can ask me absolutely anything.” This unique AI seemed ready to provide advice on a vast array of topics, and the attendees wasted no time in probing its knowledge.

Questions ranged from life motivation to finding a purpose. Each time, the AI responded aptly. “What makes you be motivated is having a goal,” it offered to one attendee. Another was advised to find their passion when seeking a life vision. The interactions became increasingly personal and humorous, hinting at something more than just code behind the responses.

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For those seeking specialized advice, the AI had answers ready. Aspiring bodybuilders were told success was about “winning and winning and winning competitions”. When attendees discussed financial independence, the AI once again highlighted passion as the key. A mention of a hockey movie script brought forth advice on the essence of marketing, stressing that visibility was as crucial as quality. However, just when the audience thought the AI was about to outshine human expertise, a twist surprised them.

The big reveal: More human than AI


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As the video neared its climax, the true nature of this AI became clear. When an attendee echoed one of Schwarzenegger’s famous lines, “Let me explain this myself… oh my God, oh my God, oh get to the chopper!” the legendary actor himself stepped into the frame.

The AI wasn’t AI at all – it was Schwarzenegger all along. This playful ruse was more than just entertainment. It emphasized the irreplaceable value of human touch, interaction, and genuine connection, something even the most advanced AI cannot replicate.


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Schwarzenegger’s prank serves as a well-timed reminder of our unexpectedly automated interactions in the current context. While era advances and machines start to mimic human responses, the actual essence of being human – our feelings, humor, and proper interactions – remains unmatched. Sometimes, it takes a legend like Schwarzenegger to remind us of that useful reality.

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