“Ten Times Better Than Mirrors”: Looking Like a Young Adonis, 54 YO Mike O’Hearn Agrees With 3xMr. Olympia Over the “Best Thing You Can Do to Prepare for a Show”

Posing is one of the key features of bodybuilding that can make or break a contender’s chance of winning. If someone poses correctly and shows off their muscles on stage, their chances of winning increase. Frank Zane is one such legendary bodybuilder known for his aesthetic muscles and posing. The 3X Olympia winner and 1999 Hall of Famer, often talks about his methods of bodybuilding back in the day. He even passes his knowledge to 54-year-old Adonis, Mike O’Hearn.

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In a recent YouTube video of both Zane and O’Hearn together, the veteran bodybuilder gave some more advice to O’Hearn about posing and checking one’s progress in bodybuilding. 

Photos versus mirror reflection?


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Like the legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno, Mike holds 4 Mr Universe titles and has been voted to have one of the 12 greatest physiques in the fitness industry. He is a strongman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, and knows mixed martial arts. The 54-year-old Titan also happens to look up to the God of Aesthetics Frank Zane, and gets advice from the legend on his YouTube channel.

In their recent video, Mike and Zane were talking about how O’Hearn can compete in the Olympias. The 81-year-old was speaking about his best conditioning in 1979 when he went on to talk about seeing one’s progress through the bodybuilding process. He said that he worked on his tan a lot to enhance his muscle striation and said, “I ran every night a mile and a half. I posed a lot and took photos.”

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Zane knew that mirrors could be deceptive and that taking photos was the best way to record the progress of muscle development. Zane continued, “What’s the best thing you can do to prepare for a show? Take photos, pose, that’s what you’re gonna be doing in the show.” Even O’Hearn agreed and said, “I think photos are ten times better than mirrors. I think mirrors lie to us.” Earlier too, Zane had talked about the benefit of taking photos of his progress to analyze it well.


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Frank Zane had earlier supported taking photos of muscle-building 

As per a social media post, the 81-year-old had revealed the actual benefits of taking pictures rather than just looking at one’s physique in the mirror. In the previous post, he had mentioned that tracking progress through photos was the perfect way to review the development.  “Because those pictures can better help you track your progress and objectively judge, the way you look, than standing in front of the mirror,” the caption read.

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Zane was a bodybuilder who experimented with his methods of training and then tried to figure out what worked best for him. He advocated against mirror reflection to be the only record of physical progress. He also has been ensuring that his knowledge spreads to every fitness enthusiast and they get to build the best physique possible.  What do you think of the photos vs. mirror debate? Tell us in the comments below.  

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