Tech Millionaire on a Quest to Slow Down Aging Revealed His Insane Diet Including 57 Pills a Day

When it comes to looking perfect in the realm of bodybuilding, there is always one thing athletes tend to look for by experimenting with how to look young. Well, the tech millionaire, who has also created a name for himself in the spheres of the sport with his content and his passion for staying young for as long as possible.

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Bryan Johnson has been on the quest to find the perfect plan that will help him boost up his ageing power and look younger than his age. Well, looks like he finally had a solution to it.

Bryan Johnson reveals his diet to look young 


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Bryan Johnson recently took to his official YouTube channel @BryanJohnson and shared a video of himself where he is seen talking about how he has spent so much of his time looking for a way to stay young. He says, “I’ve been spending millions of dollars trying to create the perfect diet. What I did is I asked all my organs in the body. Hey heart, liver and kidney, what do you need to be your best self.”

Well, after all of it, he looked into the scientific evidence and he finally discovered a diet that exactly mapped to produce 50 perfect biomarkers and thus, his ageing speed is slower than an average 10-year-old.

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He even disclosed what it takes exactly to get there. He added, “When I wake up in the morning, I drink the green giant collagen, peptide cinnamon spermidine via Chlorella powder, amino acids, 57 pills. I then workout for one hour, then I come back inside. I have super veggies, which are a few pounds of Broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, black lentils, ginger and garlic.” He continued talking about all the other diets that he had been on. Well, eating the perfect diet is not the only thing that he has done to stop ageing. He has also undergone scientifically tested surgeries.

Bryan Johnson on Follistatin Gene Therapy

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Bryan Johnson underwent the Follistatin Gene Therapy, which has been tested on mice and is known to increase their lifespan by 30%. Well, the benefits of the therapy are multifaceted and Johnson’s reasons are pretty much clear. Firstly, the therapy is immensely effective in reducing epigenetic age and makes a person look way younger than their age.


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It alters gene expression and potentially makes the individual under the therapy age backwards. To add to the benefits, it also has practical health objectives. The organs that come under it for enhancement are like an extensive class of anatomy and turns out that it has been working out efficiently for him. What are your thoughts about Bryan Johnson? Let us know in the comments section below!

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