Tech Millionaire Obsessed With Becoming a Real-Life Version of Benjamin Button Confesses How He Follow His Insane Routine: “Other Side of Pain”

The pursuit of one’s goals, dreams, or desires often encounters roadblocks. Sometimes, in the realm of fitness or bodybuilding, the steepest of these obstacles is pain. You must know the Hollywood movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ where the main character had a unique condition that caused him to grow younger instead of older. Not long ago, the founder and CEO of a biotech company, Bryan Johnson, invested millions in using advanced technology to make himself younger. His company is also working on a project called ‘BluePrint,’ which aims to change the genetic makeup of humans.

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Bryan Johnson is actively participating in the trials for this project. The renowned founder of Blueprint eloquently reminded us of a recent Instagram post. Johnson’s words struck a chord, not just within the fitness community but also because of his notable achievements and the prestige associated with Blueprint.

Bryan Johnson: The metaphor of hunger cravings


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In the video accompanying his profound statement, “Everything I value is on the other side of pain.” Johnson delved deeper into what he meant. For many fitness enthusiasts, the immediate thought might be of physical pain, perhaps from a strenuous workout or a long day. But the Blueprint founder touched on something more relatable to everyone: hunger cravings.

“What do those hard moments during this protocol look like?” he was asked. “Is it when you’re really hungry or you’re really tired?” Hunger cravings, for many, serve as a metaphor for challenges. They are those nagging feelings that make us question whether we should proceed or surrender.

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Navigating through the pain of hunger, or any pain for that matter, requires a unique form of negotiation. This isn’t the kind of negotiation one might engage in during a business meeting or when trying to convince a toddler to eat their vegetables. It’s an inner dialogue, a mental tug-of-war. In the realm of fitness, this inner struggle becomes even more pronounced.

Finding value in fitness beyond the pain


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Yet, as Johnson points out, it’s often after confronting and negotiating with such discomforts that fitness advocates feel their proudest. “The things I most value in my life have been achieved on the other side of pain,” he shared.

Feeling great, as Johnson explains, isn’t just about the absence of pain. Instead, it comes from the realization that we’ve successfully “pushed through pain.” Indeed, there’s a simple truth in this. The things we remember the most and are most proud of usually don’t happen when everything is easy. They happen when we face tough challenges, overcome difficulties, and endure pain.


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Next time you’re dealing with hunger or any other challenge, be it in your fitness journey or daily life, keep Johnson’s advice in mind. Embrace the discomfort, deal with it, and anticipate the sense of accomplishment waiting for you. After all, as the Blueprint magnate points out, we often discover the things we treasure most just on the other side of the obstacles we used to fear.

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