Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend Once Opened Up on the Mental and Physical Toll of Being Ripped for the Twilight Movies: “Was Forced to Be in Gym Multiple Times a Day”

The entertainment world always seeks extremely fit actors. The requirement becomes extremely strict for movies that target the young adult audience. In order to meet aesthetic expectations, actors always have to go through rigorous physical training. This, in turn, requires them to have an inbuilt mental strength to pull it through.

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Taylor Lautner, former boyfriend of singing sensation Taylor Swift, played the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight movie series. Its immense popularity made the actors go through a tough position where they had to keep their bodies fit at all times.

Taylor Lautner’s fitness routine


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In the second episode of The Squeeze Podcast, Taylor Lautner with his wife, as a co-host, discussed several distinct topics. One of them focused on Men’s Mental Health. His wife talked about the necessity of having this conversation, as the topic is almost always overlooked in society. Lautner, in turn, talked about his own experience. He stated, “My character is known for taking his shirt off at every other second, no I did not know that it was affecting me or going to affect me in the future with body image”.

Thereupon, he also talked about how the desired body made it necessary for him to follow a strict diet and fitness regimes. He confessed to having severe body image issues once the films were over. He remarked, “When the franchise ended and I started noticing it for the first time when I just started rebelling against a gym. I was forced to be in a gym multiple times a day six days a week, you know”.

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In Twilight, Lautner had an extremely fit physique. But as he grew older and his physique changed over time, the internet made him more insecure about himself.


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Physique comparison issues with former Taylor Swift partner

Taylor Lautner also shed light on the fact that the internet had affected him mentally. He recalled seeing a side-by-side comparison of his shoot days and present, which made him conscious. He thus commented, “I thought I looked fine but then seeing it online, where they put the sideby sides of me shirtless…it took my mind getting healthy first.


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It is indeed a matter of fact that Men’s Mental Health is always overruled. The social expectations of a man needing to have a perfectly sculpted body at all times, disregarding their physical changes due to age, might affect many people. As Taylor Lautner shared his experience, many of the conscious fans would have started to rethink their own situation. Which of the Taylor Lautner movies is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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