Taking a Leaf Out of His Own Life, 81-YO Pioneer of Symmetry Gives Priceless Advice to Young Bodybuilders: “You Have to Know First”

The Golden Era of bodybuilding is known for its elite bodybuilders who brought new glory to the Mr. Olympia stage. While Arnold Schwarzenegger impressed the audience with a 57-inch chest and 21-inch biceps, Frank Zane was known for his on-point symmetry. Hence, the 81-year-old is known as the Father of Aesthetics.

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The Chemist frequently appears on multiple podcasts to enlighten his followers with bodybuilding knowledge. The 3x Mr. Olympia recently appeared on the Rob Fletcher Podcast and shared his insights on building a perfectly symmetrical physique.

The Chemist’s tips to attain flawless symmetry


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The Hall of Famer bodybuilder is one of the three bodybuilders to defeat the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 81-year-old retired from the competitive stage after securing three Sandow trophies. But his contributions to the sport continue as he guides rookie bodybuilders towards the perfect physique and shares his profound knowledge with the community. 

Zane developed his physique by following unique practices during his prime. The host asked the Father of Aesthetics, “When people are looking to get more symmetrical and in proportion, what advice could you give there?” Responding to the question, the 3x Mr. Olympia detailed, “Take photos and see what you look like. You have to know first and then work your weak points.”

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Keep taking photos to see how you start balancing out over time. Get feedback from experts and bring those areas harder than hard enough to par with the rest of you,” the bodybuilding icon added. This wasn’t the first time Zane spoke about the importance of photographs in one’s bodybuilding journey. 

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Frank Zane votes for photographs over mirrors


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Most bodybuilders track their journey by witnessing their muscle development in the mirrors. But Zane prefers photographs over mirrors to pinpoint the lacunae in the journey. Speaking about his best physique in 1979, Zane once recalled, “I ran every night, a mile and a half. I posed a lot, took photos.” 

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When Mike O’Hearn opined photos are far better than mirrors, the 81-year-old legend explained, “So, there are a lot of distortions involved, whereas, with the photo, that’s what’s there pretty much.”


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Frank Zane’s bodybuilding wisdom is unparalleled. He often stuns the present generation with his wise bits of advice about the sport on his social media handles. Do you think the Chemist’s recent advice will do good to bodybuilders? Let us know in the comments below!

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