“Taken by Ambulance to Hospital”: Liver King Makes Shocking Confession About His Eye Injury, Months After Coming Clean on Steroid Use

Disowned by the world of bodybuilding, Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, is famously known for his bizarre lifestyle choices. He still gained popularity because of his different approach to life. Currently, he’s following the Barbarian lifestyle. However, the fitness influencer recently had a terrible eye injury. This injury was so bad that it needed surgeries to fix the problem. He updated about his injury on his official website.

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Liver King penned down over his brutal eye injury

Although the reason behind his eye injury is not clear, according to media reports, he lost a lot of blood. King was in so much pain and distress that he had to go to the hospital. While updating about his weight and regiment on his website, he also mentioned, “Yes, I sustained strikes, got knocked out, got concussed, got taken by ambulance to hospital, and got eye injuries.


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The doctors realized that the injury was severe and complicated. They decided to have surgery. The damage was very serious, and he was told that he might not get his vision in that eye again.

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Therefore, to prevent further harm, the doctor suggested using an eye patch. He is showing incredible strength afterward. He said in a recent Instagram post that, after the eye damage, he had never seen more clearly in life. And life is a gist, and he’s learned a lot since the injury. He asked his followers to pray for him.

Liver King asking for love and support from viewers

Liver King believed in fighting back and not giving up on this. He needs all the strength; that’s why he asked for help and people’s love and support. He’s completely ready for anything that comes his way. “All I know is this: Whatever the outcome, the good, or bad, it’s all good. Because life is what we make of it. It’s a grand adventure. So, fill it with love, fill it with adventure, fill it with purpose,” he said in the video.

The fitness influencer apologized a few days ago for using steroids and went for a blood test, where he came clean, but later on, he revealed that he’s been using testosterone and growth hormone again. Per him, he wants to live life his way and not let others decide for him.

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