Struggled to Wear Jeans in High School, 4x Mr. Olympia Who Squatted 700 Lbs at 19 Had to Back Out From Leg Training for 3 Years

With years of rigorous training in the gym and a disciplined diet, an ordinary boy turned into a bodybuilding legend, winning the prestigious Olympia title four times. The internet sensation takes care of his online presence by sharing exciting updates about his life with his fans. Recently, the bodybuilding gem shed light on the real struggle he faced during his school days after he had to compromise with his leg training for three years.

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Jay Cutler took fans down memory lane of his real struggle

In the realm of bodybuilding, Jay Cutler needs no introduction. He is well described by his incredible body, which was the result of unwavering determination and diligence. His historic win in Olympia brought more dignity and recognition to the fitness world. The Olympia winner recently talked about his past life struggles in a short video uploaded to the MuscleMindMedia YouTube channel. In the video, he opens up about how he struggled to fit in the jeans because of his thigh size.


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Unveiling about his thighs and leg training that he stopped doing for three years, he said, “So when I first started training, I actually had to back down my leg training.” Expressing the outcome he received after skipping the leg workout for three years, he further said, “I remember even in high school having trouble fitting jeans and my thighs just because of the shape.”

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He further talked about the incredible shape of his legs that he attained after kick-starting the leg training again. He said, “Once I started training, those thighs developed. I had such a quad sweep; that’s usually the hardest body part to build.” Having restarted his leg training, he unlocked beautiful and massive squats. At 19, he was able to squat 700 pounds, which he called a gift he received genetically. Jay Cutler is a man of incredible resilience who once followed the Fit for 50 Challenge, which cured his back pain.

Cutler’s Fit for 50 Challenge cures his back pain

Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, no longer looks forward to competing on the bodybuilding stage. However, he is still into bodybuilding. At 50, the legendary figure seems to be quite passionate about his well-sculpted physique. He did the Fit for 50 challenge for his birthday. Through that challenge, he once again made his body almost Olympia-ready.

The bodybuilding champ explained how the ab training helped him get rid of back pain. Explaining his abs training, he said, “Doing abs every other day since I did the whole Fit for 50 challenge.” “ Cutler added, “What I’ll do is probably three exercises, three sets each, focusing on anywhere between 12 and 20 repetitions.”


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Jay Cutler struggled to fit into jeans in high school after he decided to stop leg training to focus solely on the upper body. Once he tasted the consequences of this plan, he adopted the leg workout again. What’s your take on it?

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