Strongman Giant’s Emulation of Lord of the Rings’ Villain, Shocks 6′9″ Mountain From Game of Thrones

The Strongman, who is renowned for playing the role of The Mountain in the popular TV show Game of Thrones, is a name that has always stood out in the world of Strongman and bodybuilding. Widely reckoned for his exceptional feats of strength, several elite bodybuilders come to him to seek advice or even to get the opportunity to train with him.

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Well, recently Hafthor Bjornsson found his match in the fellow Icelandic Strongman giant to stand shoulder to shoulder, and even he did not miss an opportunity to train with him and shared snippets from it in a humorous way.

Oliver Storgaard imitates Gothmog while training with Hafthor Bjornsson


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The Icelandic Strongman Oliver Storgaard recently took to his official Instagram account @oliverstorgaard and shared a snap from his recent workout with Hafthor Bjornsson. In the video, he was seen imitating Gothmog from the series of Lord of the Rings, while he was performing his exercise.

In the story, he wrote, “24-26 kg. Look at @thorbjornsson when I do like Gothmog in Lord of the Rings.” He tagged the Strongman beast on his story and the video was then reshared by the legendary athlete himself. Oliver Storgaard was doing a set of pull sacks with 24 to 26 kgs of bags and his demonstration of strength and humor were simply on point.


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As he continued working out, Hafthor Bjornsson stood behind and watched him in complete awe. And that was why Storgaard continued mocking him in the video. It is pretty clear that the duo was having a lot of fun working out together and there is no doubt that the presence of Storgaard adds a new essence to the name of Hafthor Bjornsson.

The dominance of the duo

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Ever since Hafthor Bjornsson entered the realms of the Strongman Championships, he has been a constant fixture and is often regarded as one of the best. With his exceptional accolades, he has solidified his position, but the addition of Oliver Storgaard adds a new aspect and changes the entire equation.


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Although Oliver Storgaard is not as well recognized as The Mountain, his display of strength and the matching size with the legend has been enough to captivate the attention of the fitness community. Their recent posts together suggest a sharing of Bjornsson’s spot in the sphere and their constant rigor to help each other out will definitely take the championship to the next level! What are your thoughts on the duo? Share with us in the comments section below! 

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