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Authors: shah__parveen

Genre: New Adult

Update: 30-11-2020

Status: Completed

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After facing her fiancé's betrayal, things take an unexpected turn after Tang Mo'er inadvertently gets involved with the Capital's preeminent magnate, Gu Mohan.

Fast-forwarding, Tang Mo'er clenches on a pregnancy test kit with two red lines-testing positive-and confronts him. "Young Master Gu, why did you make me pregnant?"

Gu Mohan hands a baby over into her arms. "My dearest wife, be good. That's our second child."

And so Tang Mo'er can only hustle and take care of her two children, but unbeknownst to her, Young Master Gu has also been coveting her love and affection...

This is a face-smacking, sweet-love novel set in the entertainment industry.


Chapter 1: You're My Man From Now On!

Chapter 2: Mister, You've Got to Find Me in a Game of Hide and Seek

Chapter 3: Han Xiaowan Seduces Fiancé of Tang Mo'Er

Chapter 4: I Don't Know How to Moan

Chapter 5: I've Saved You and Hit You Today, We Don't Owe Each Other Anything

Chapter 6: What Size of Underwear Do You Need

Chapter 7: Even the Largest Underwear Is a Little Small

Chapter 8: I've Always Personally Dealt with Those Who Betray Me

Chapter 9: This Is Tang Mo'er, a Rose with Thorns

Chapter 10: This Man Is Truly Savage

Chapter 11: Look at her small feet

Chapter 12: Second Brother, Why Do You Keep Staring At That Woman?

Chapter 13: First Time Seeing Such A Cold Disdainful Beauty

Chapter 14: If It Wasn't For Me, You Would Have Been Eaten Alive

Chapter 15: Drunk

Chapter 16: A Single Coin

Chapter 17: Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Had Been Rejected

Chapter 18: Su Zhe Is a Man I'm Sick Of

Chapter 19: Tang Mo'er, Nobody Loves You Because of Your Arrogance

Chapter 20: Miss Tang, Do You Need to Make a Call to Mayor Tang

Chapter 21: The First Slap in Her Life Was Given by Her Mother

Chapter 22: How Dare You Cry When You're so Unpromising

Chapter 23: How Could a Bankrupted Man Be so Conceited and Self-Assured?

Chapter 24: A Woman's Tears

Chapter 25: Mo'er, That's the Gigolo That You Kept

Chapter 26: Mr Gu Has a Husband's Waist

Chapter 27: This Is My Room

Chapter 28: Please Lift up Your Shirt, I'll Help You Apply Ointment

Chapter 29: Tang Mo'er, What Are You Trying to Do

Chapter 30: This Little Vixen

Chapter 31: Press Conference

Chapter 32: Don't Create Trouble When You Have No Drama for Yourself

Chapter 33: The Spokesperson of the Gu Corporation

Chapter 34: Why Are You Smoking so Much?

Chapter 35: Tang Mo'er, Do You Really Think I'm A Gigolo You Keep

Chapter 36: The Spokesperson for the Year Was Decided Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 37: I'm Informing You Our Engagement Is Now Annulled

Chapter 38: Tang Mo'er's Legs Were Beautiful

Chapter 39: You Can Try to Approach the President of the Gu Group

Chapter 40: How Could Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Not Be Beautiful?

Chapter 41: You Didn't Have a Clean Break with Your Ex-fiancé?

Chapter 42: Tang Mo'er Cuckolded Him Three Years Ago

Chapter 43: Tang Mo'er, Do You Think I'm Just like Your Stupid Ex-fiancé?

Chapter 44: Liar, Hmph!

Chapter 45: Was That Man Your Sponsor?

Chapter 46: Who Is Your Sponsor?

Chapter 47: I'm Only Giving You a Taste of Your Own Medicine

Chapter 48: President, Miss Tang Has Invited Me out for a Meal

Chapter 49: You're Disqualified

Chapter 50: Could You Not Dirty My Car and Get Off

Chapter 51: Get in the Car

Chapter 52: Tang Mo'er, Try Me

Chapter 53: Mr Gu told Beauty Tang to Leave!

Chapter 54: Are You Angry Because I Stood You up Last Night?

Chapter 55: Allure Times

Chapter 56: Tang Mo'er resembles Madam

Chapter 57: The Man Who Saved Her Three Years Ago

Chapter 58: Marriage Proposal

Chapter 59: Not Only Are You an Emotional Coward, Also a Useless Scoundrel

Chapter 60: A Chaotic Engagement

Chapter 61: Miss Tang, Our Boss Is Waiting for You in the Hotel Room

Chapter 62: To Fall for One's Tricks

Chapter 63: He's Here

Chapter 64: Tang Mo'er, It's Fine If You're Stupid, But

Chapter 65: President Su Did Not Even Know His Fiancée Was a Virgin

Chapter 66: I've Only Gone for a Business Trip for Two Days

Chapter 67: What's so Good about Your Fiancé? He Only Makes You Cry

Chapter 68: Why Would Gu Mohan Even Take a Glance at Tang Mo'er?

Chapter 69: I Bullied You Because Your Fiancé Triggered Me

Chapter 70: Since You Already Know My Name, Why Are You Still Acting Dumb?

Chapter 71: Stop Finding Trouble, I Won't Spare You

Chapter 72: Hoping to Allow You to Grow up

Chapter 73: Tell Me to My Face That Mr Gu Is the Gigolo You Kept

Chapter 74: I Heard You're Going to Be the Wife of a Rich Man

Chapter 75: Everyone Sounded as If She Was Pestering President Gu

Chapter 76: If You Get Pregnant, You'll Be the Model Mother of the Nation

Chapter 77: Lu Qi'er, the Capital's Greatest Socialite

Chapter 78: Lu Qi'er is Gu Mohan's Fiancée

Chapter 79: She Still Hadn't Figured out What She Had Done Wrong

Chapter 80: Han Xiaowan Is Pregnant

Chapter 81: Tell Me Who Bullied You and I'll Make Sure to Bully Them Too

Chapter 82: Su Zhe, I'll Give You Another Chance

Chapter 83: You Had an Affair, Mrs Han

Chapter 84: Tang Mo'er Is a Woman I've Taken a Fancy to

Chapter 85: Tang Mo'er, Why Are You Throwing a Tantrum Late at Night

Chapter 86: Sorry, I Can't Help but Feel Disgusted

Chapter 87: Mr Gu, Please Stop for A Moment

Chapter 88: What Fiancée, It's Just a Joke Made by Old Master Lu

Chapter 89: Tang Mo'er Was Dancing

Chapter 90: I Love You and I've Decided to Be Together with You

Chapter 91: Amicable Breakup

Chapter 92: Who Do You Think You Are, How Dare You Lay Your Eyes on My Woman?

Chapter 93: Divorce Agreement

Chapter 94: Now That so Many Men Are Fighting for You, Are You Satisfied?

Chapter 95: President Gu, Don't Tell Me You're Jealous

Chapter 96: Be My Woman

Chapter 97: President Gu, My Fiancé Is Here

Chapter 98: That's Right, Miss Han. Keep a Tight Hold on Your Man

Chapter 99: Smile

Chapter 100: He Remained Indifferent While She Behaved in a Spoiled Manner

Chapter 101: Mo'er, Please Be Good, I Won't Hurt You

Chapter 102: President Gu Is My First Man

Chapter 103: Tang Hai, Our Daughter Has Arrived in Karghalik

Chapter 104: I Need 20 Million Dollars

Chapter 105: Isn't This Karghalik's Greatest Beauty Tang Mo'er?

Chapter 106: The PK Competition for the DHA Spokesperson

Chapter 107: Karghalik Always Had the Southern Mo'er and the Northern Shiyu

Chapter 108: What Are You Thinking, Have You Really Fallen for Gu Mohan?

Chapter 109: Mo'er, You Have Been Besieged

Chapter 110: Gu Mohan Was Not Reluctant at All. Isn't He Guilty?

Chapter 111: Young Master Fu, Please Clear Things up

Chapter 112: Miss Tang, Call Me Husband

Chapter 113: If I Ask You to Call Me Husband, You'd Better Do It

Chapter 114: Mr Fu, Choose Between Lu Qi'er and Lin Ruoxi

Chapter 115: Truth or Dare

Chapter 116: Why Did You Pull Me Inside the Men's Toilet

Chapter 117: Young Master Fu, It's Been Three Years since We Last Saw Each Other

Chapter 118: I'll Give You the Divorce You Want

Chapter 119: Lin Shiyu Was the True Genius

Chapter 120: The Two Men Were Fighting over Her

Chapter 121: President Gu Seems to Be a Little Too Interested

Chapter 122: A Slap from Beauty Tang

Chapter 123: Mo'er, Are You Having Indigestion Or...Are You Pregnant?

Chapter 124: Pregnancy Test Kit

Chapter 125: The Star of the Ocean was stolen

Chapter 126: Mr Gu, Shall We Arrest Tang Mo'er as a Suspect

Chapter 127: Gu Mohan, I Warned You Long Ago to Not Provoke Me

Chapter 128: CEO, Young Madam Transferred Eight Million and One Hundred Dollars.

Chapter 129: She Was Crying so Hard She Made No Sound

Chapter 130: I Don't Fancy Lu Qi'er. You're the Person I Like

Chapter 131: Mr Gu, I forgot to congratulate you. Your son is here.

Chapter 132: Gu Mohan, my stomach hurts. Don't anger me or I'll miscarriage

Chapter 133: Mesmerized? You Should Be, This Man Is Yours

Chapter 134: Han Xiaowan, You're Done for (1)

Chapter 135: Han Xiaowan, You're Done for (2)

Chapter 136: We'll Have to See Whether My Brother Is Still Willing

Chapter 137: I Hope That You'll Have Better Taste in Women Next Time

Chapter 138: President Gu's Concern for Mo'er Is Too Deep

Chapter 139: You Are Both Mommy's Daughters, Mommy Will Protect You Both Well

Chapter 140: Tang Mo'er, We Owe You a Century's Worth of Love

Chapter 141: F*ck, Tang Mo'er, What Did You Just Do?

Chapter 142: It's Cold, Hug Me

Chapter 143: I'm Bleeding, Gu Mohan. Did I Suffer a Miscarriage?

Chapter 144: Mr Gu, Do You like Women's Pads?

Chapter 145: Sometimes Thinking Too Much Is Also Considered Showering Affection

Chapter 146: That's Cool, I Not Only Enjoy Cursing but Also Love Hitting People

Chapter 147: Tell Me, Who Is the Scum Who Gave You the Money

Chapter 148: Make Yourself Clear, How Did I Betray You?

Chapter 149: When He Kissed Her, It Felt like the Dawn of One's First Love

Chapter 150: Mr Fu, You Are so Timid in Front of Lu Qi'er

Chapter 151: Young Madam Did Not Make Any Friends of the Opposite Gender.

Chapter 152: Lin Shiyu Started Singing Lu Qier's First Hit Song, 'Legend'

Chapter 153: Two Women Holding Hands, Are the Two of You Sick in the Head

Lunatic Fu Qinglun Claimed He Wanted to Marry Me

Chapter 155: Mr Gu, Mo'er Has Been Taken Away

Chapter 156: President Gu Has Caused an Upheaval in Karghalik

Chapter 157: Who Are You to Have My Woman to Yourself?

Chapter 158: Stop Crying, Hm?

Chapter 159: What Do You Mean, You Think That I'm Dirty?

Chapter 160: Sorry, Baby

Chapter 161: You're Not Angry Anymore, Are You Finally Speaking to Me?

Chapter 162: Why Do You Still Behave like a Spoiled Child

Chapter 163: Tang Mo'er, Open the Door Now

Chapter 164: Gu Mohan, Don't Open Your Eyes or I'll Not Kiss You

Chapter 165: Tang Mo'er, Jealousy Doesn't Work This Way.

Chapter 166: You're Appeased? You're Not Angry Anymore?

Chapter 167: Get Lost, Gu Mohan. You're so Annoying.

Chapter 168: Mrs Han, Are You out of Your Mind?

Chapter 169: Huo Beichen Brought Tang Mo'er to a Hotel

Chapter 170: Tang Mo'er, You'd Better Break up with My Brother

Chapter 171: I'll Call Your Brother to Breakup

Chapter 172: You Have the Guts to Sleep with His Woman?

Chapter 173: If I Really Chose Lu Qi'er, What Business Is It of Yours?

Chapter 174: I Wouldn't Give You up so Easily to Lu Qi'er

Chapter 175: Mr Gu, Other Men Have an Eight Pack, Why Do You Only Have Six?

Chapter 176: I'm Going to Remain a Strong and Independent Woman

Chapter 177: You're Awake? Do You Still Want to Sleep?

Chapter 178: I Scolded Her in the Morning and She's Still Holding a Grudge

Chapter 179: That Little One Was Constantly Giving Him Pleasant Surprises

Chapter 180: I Know What Tricks Are Hidden Under Your Sleeves

Chapter 181: Mayor Tang Has Arrived

Chapter 182: Tang Hai, Didn't You Sacrifice Tang Mo'er Back Then

Chapter 183: The Mystery of the Family Background

Chapter 184: Our Shiyu Is so Pretty and My Son Is so Handsome

Chapter 185: Qinglun Has Been Too Busy Lately

Chapter 186: I Can Give You a Divorce

Chapter 187: Don't Think Too Highly of Yourself

Chapter 188: Master Yan, Don't Make It Sound like Your Sister Is Trash

Chapter 189: I Knew the Lu's Raised a Dog That Would Bite

Chapter 190: If You've Touched Lu Qi'er, I Won't Want You Anymore

Chapter 191: How Dare You Sleep With My Man?

Chapter 192: I Don't Need to Enter the Gu Family

Chapter 193: Crying Alone Secretly in the Bathroom

Chapter 194: I Wouldn't Stoop so Low

Chapter 195: Her Name Carved on His Waist

Chapter 196: You're Little Mouth is so Hard to Please

Chapter 197: Are You Full?

Chapter 198: Don't Overestimate Yourself.

Chapter 199: Young Master Fu Carried Mrs Fu Away

Chapter 200: Ask Your Mother