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You Will Know Me

Authors: mango_go_go

Genre: New Adult

Update: 24-08-2021

Status: Completed

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This is the story about Morgan Robertson...

Morgan's childhood was taken away when she was burned with the same flames that ended het father's life and took away her home as well as half of her face. She was abused and bullied about the horror which was burned into her skin.
Her mother's mind became disturbed by the fact that she could do nothing for her daughter's troubles, so she did the only thing that there was left: homeschooling.

Morgan wanted to do something more with her life, she wanted to help people.
Her mother mentioned a hospital where she could help the people by just keeping them company and helping deliver things to the patients.
And that is where she met...Blake Rutherford, a tall, stubborn blind seventeen year old.

A girl learnes to see the world from a blind boy.