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Pleasure To Meet You Ms zhao || (love O2o)

Authors: sugar_suga_1993

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 22-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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hello I'm zhao erxi wei wei's friend"
but what he did shocked me he bowed to me took my hands in his and kissed it and said "pleasure to meet u ms zhao myself zeyang" he winked at me

Story of 2 souls meeting eachother one is flirty pevert and mature and second one? She is shy, childish yet mature but a big foodie. What if they met?

Zeyang is cousin brother of wei wei on other hand erxi is best friend of wei wei lets see what happen when they both meet during preparation of wei wei's wedding
update idk when cuz of busy schedule but i will try to update asap

This is story of my personal favorite character erxi i wanted to make one story or u can say love story of her i didn't quite liked erxi and cao guang match cuz they were litterly confused especially guang cuz he considered erxi as his friend he was battling with his own feeling and was confused af so i thought to add new character

Well this story will be cringe ifdklol idk i like more understanding and mature yet funny couples so its my imagination anddd... do not copy my ideas just a warning

And do comment bout your ideas for next chapter

And yea mature chapter's will be after few chapters and 💦will be warning that, that chapter will be having smut

⚠️slow update and story can be hella cringe idk lol bye

And yea please don't start bullying me in comments😭and there will be like 1000 of typos according to my prediction and i will be repairing them after completing idk when i will complete this story

Story cover credit to owner

Started - 09/20/22
Ended - ~~~~~~