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Yeji Imagines (gxg)

Authors: gayforddlovato

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 06-06-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Female Reader Imagines with Yeji of Itzy 💐

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Started: 6-30-20

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she wakes you up for cuddles

you're sick

she's cold

she won't let go when you hug her

waking her for cuddles

she falls asleep on your lap

you surprise her on tour

she comes home to find you asleep

she cheers you up

you have cramps

you wear her shirt

you're anxious (requested)

you're scared of the dark

break up prank (requested)

break up prank on you (requested)

you stand up for her when she gets mean comments on a vlive (requested)

calling my girlfriend by another girls name prank (requested)

marked (requested)

kissing in front of the girls

confessions (requested)

she forgets your birthday (requested)

hickey prank on you (requested)

bias (requested)

just a dream (requested)

you play in the snow together (requested)

when you call her bro (requested)

you make everything better (requested)

all yours (requested)

moaning in my girlfriend's ear to see her reaction (requested)

WAP (requested)

you are the best thing that's ever been mine (requested)

you propose (requested)

are you following me? (requested)

coming out to her as trans (requested)

"you saved me" (requested)

you saved me - part two (requested)

you're the sixth member and you pass out (requested)

you flinch during an argument (requested)

ignoring prank (requested)

seeing her cry during her vlive (requested)

I won't give up (requested)

your parents walk in on you making out (requested)

medicine (requested)

you're sick and clingy (requested)

catcalled (requested)

mirror (requested)

she catches you crying but you try to hide it from her (requested)

"I'm just so proud of you" (requested)

ex party (requested)

shy (requested)

falling asleep on her lap when she's hanging out with the girls (requested)

I was only teasing (requested)

too late (requested)

awkward movie scenes (requested)

you're scared of vomiting (requested)

when the vlive doesn't actually get turned off - itzy sixth member (requested)

you have a nightmare (requested)

she catches you singing in the airport (requested)

you're sick when she's on tour (requested)

when the vlive doesn't actually get turned off - part two (requested)

I've never been so happy (requested)

you're sick but scared of needles (requested)

candy challenge (requested)

never forget that I love you (requested)

girlfriend? (requested)

cheater - ITZY sixth member (requested)

mommy (requested)

someone else (requested)

someone breaks into your house and you get hurt (requested)

you can always come to me (requested)

tease (requested)

tease - part two (requested)

only a prank (requested)

you need a hug after a long day (requested)

cheater - itzy sixth member - part two (requested)

school stresses (requested)

she's all mine (requested)

you hit your head in the bathtub (requested)

it's time (requested)

you have a panic attack during a fight (requested)

calling her mommy in public (requested)

when calling her mommy doesn't go well (requested)

you hit your head in the bathtub - part two (requested)

she comforts you after a fight with your family (requested)

someone else - part two (requested)

sneezing fits (requested)

you're sad and start speaking in your native language (requested)

she comes home to see you asleep in your shared bed (requested)

champagne problems (requested)

I'll be there (requested)

I'll be there - part two (requested)