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Yandere! Touhou x Female! Reader ONESHOTS

Authors: MizukiXxXAkahana

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 21-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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"𝘿𝙖𝙢𝙣 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡𝙨, 𝙨𝙤 𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙪𝙡 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙢𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙘"

Welcome here, are you also in love with these legendary touhou characters?


If so, I think this book might be for ya'!


This is a Touhou X reader oneshots
//I'm trying my hard to make this book alive. Please sit back and enjoy~

I made this because I didn't see any touhou x female readers out there, and I basically made this for myself, but willingly share this to many fans who are yearning for female touhou fanfics.

Hope you enjoy! ~☆

Art on the cover belongs to Hisha_kan_moko

Published : March 16, 2021
Request: CLOSED (April 13-May 9 2022)