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Read Wings Of Fire: Fallen Kingdoms (Book 1) ⚠️WIP⚠️ -

Wings Of Fire: Fallen Kingdoms (Book 1) ⚠️WIP⚠️

Authors: GetYourHeckChecked

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 29-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Trigger Warnings
⚠️ Swearing

AU Series in place of book 15. Follows closely after the events of book 14.

Dragon aging is different in this series- ages up to 8 are dragonet, 9 to 12 is teenager, 12 to 20 is young adult, 20+ is adult. This excuses any questions about aging.

It had been eleven years since Crab had died.
And Jellyfish missed him.
Her brother was the only reason she was alive, and it felt as though it was her fault that he was dead.
Life was awful now. Every dragon had a target on their back, and going up to the surface was quite a dangerous task. The remaining dragons of Pyrrhia have waged war on each other, each believing that they had the right solution to fix everything. But in Jellyfish's eyes, it was all so, so wrong.

But as bad as it is, Jellyfish has a mostly normal teenage life. Friends to hang out and laugh with, school to keep her occupied, and the constant desire to love and go to parties. It really couldn't get worse, right?

It did, though.

Danger and hatred swoop in on two wings into Jellyfish's life, and it will never, ever be the same.

Plus a really creepy prophecy. We love those.

Your enemies can cut you, but they will never be the ones to scar you.