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Read Where the Flowers Bloom - A YatoYota Fanfic -

Where the Flowers Bloom - A YatoYota Fanfic

Authors: NightmareStormy

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 27-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Hi!! Welcome to the story, I'm writing this because it's so underrated, and I just really like it.

I do not own the characters or manga/anime. The cover is not my art, I don't remember the person who created it, I'm sorry, but if you know who drew it please let me know so I can give them full credit. I will try too keep manga spoilers out for people who haven't finished it or for people that want to read it.

Yotasuke was never good with people, but he loved small animals, specifically bunnies. He had just gotten into TUA when his mother died, leaving him alone with a father who didn't like him. With Yorasukes life spiraling out of control he isn't able to focuse on his art and he nearly fails the first year. But in the second year the heavens must have decided to smile down upon him, for the happy go lucky Yatora pulls him out of the darkness that he once called life.

Please read prologue, it'll probably leave you a tiny bit confused if you don't. I'm also really bad at any other views, so it's gonna be in first person.