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What's this relationship called?

Authors: tanya21034

Genre: New Adult

Update: 16-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Note: This isn't a steamy romantic story.
"Is this a deal or marriage?"
I asked him.
He calmly leaned near my ear and whispered slowly,"For you,a marriage.For me,it's a deal."
I ignored the tingling sensation that I felt when he had leaned near and his hot breath had literally fanned me near to death.
But the question was:
Do I consider this marriage or a deal?

She is a dancer,He is a Billionaire.

Meet Saira Kapoor.Aged 29 years,she belongs to a broad minded yet narrow minded regarding marriage punjabi family.
Meet Nikhil Malhotra.Aged now 35 years,he is belonging to a family similar to Saira.
Both are leading successful professional life but marriage is not one of their favourite plans.
What do you think happens when two highly successful people meet?
They talk right? Or even if they fight,it's war of dignified words,right?
Read on the story as Two headstrong individuals indulge in childish fights,feel the sparks and confront their own life together as one struggles.
But the only problem aside from them is Will they ever be able to define their own relationship?