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Wattpad Death Battle Season 3

Authors: Animegoddess2

Genre: Diverse Lit

Update: 18-05-2022

Status: Completed

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Junko: Season 3 of Wattpad Death Battle! Let's hit this year with a Bang!


Season 3! New Rules! New Contestants! (Suggestions here please)

First battle of the season!

Saber is the servant of Death Battle

Erza Scarlet will protect her guild from Death Battle

Saber vs Erza Scarlet: The Holy Fairy War

Trafalgar Law is the surgeon of Death Battle

Overhaul disassembles Death Battle

Trafalgar Law vs Overhaul: Death of a Surgeon

Litchi Faye-Ling gives Death Battle a check up

Ivy Valentine dominates Death Battle

Litchi Faye-Ling vs Ivy Valentine: Alchemic Chi

Android 21 makes a tasty treat out of Death Battle

Jack-O sweetens up Death Battle

Android 21 vs Jack-O Valentine: Guilty Treat

Issei Hyoudou is the biggest pervert in Death Battle

Tatsumi evolves into Death Battle

Issei Hyoudou vs Tatsumi: Kill the Harem

Morrigan Aensland is seductive in Death Battle

Bayonetta is very wicked in Death Battle

Morrigan Aensland vs Bayonetta: Valentine's Day Special


Medusa Gorgon experiments on Death Battle

Orochimaru slithers into Death Battle

Medusa Gorgon vs Orochimaru: Scientific Snakes Bite

Announcement! Old Host Return!

The end has come! Hakumen returns to Death Battle!

Sephiroth will send Death Battle into Darkness

Hakumen vs Sephiroth: Final Blaze

Escanor shines bright into Death Battle

Whitebeard shatters Death Battle

Escanor vs Whitebeard: Clash of Titans

The Undertaker will make Death Battle Rest In Peace

Ghost Rider will place judgment upon Death Battle's soul

The Undertaker vs Ghost Rider: Judgment Day

Eliza gets bloody in Death Battle

Menat looks into Death Battle's future

Menace will make Death Battle her servant

Eliza vs Menat vs Menace: Egyptian Girl Battle Royal

Kratos releases his anger on Death Battle

Asura unleashes his wrath onto Death Battle

Kratos vs Asura: The Gods of Wrath

Blaze the cat burns through Death Battle

Starfire blasts Death Battle away

Blaze the cat vs Starfire: Cat fight Round 3!

Yang Xiao Long burns in Death Battle

Leone is gruesome in Death Battle

Yang Xiao Long vs Leone: Kill the Blond

Change of plans!

Accelerator is the strongest esper in Death Battle

Kurumi has Death Battle's future in her hands

Accelerator vs Kurumi Tokisaki: Time Accelerator

Kokonoe is back! New host! And next time!

Noctis Lucis Caelum takes Death Battles throne

YoRHa Unit 2B is deployed for Death Battle

Noctis Lucis Caelum vs YoRHa Unit 2B: Defected Swords

Boa Hancock is the most beautiful in Death Battle

Rider Medusa petrifies Death Battle

Boa Hancock vs Rider Medusa: Beautiful Monsters

Kenpachi Zaraki is ready for a Death Battle

Azrael has come to feast upon Death Battle

Kenpachi Zaraki vs Azrael: Thurst for Battle

Deku(Izuku Midoriya) smashes into Death Battle

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) stretches out into Death Battle

Deku (Izuku Midoriya) vs Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan): A new hero rises

Byleth Eisner (Female) picks the house of Death Battle

Rean Schwarzer learns more from Death Battle

Byleth Eisner(Female) vs Rean Schwarzer: War of Two Schools

Announcement + Next Time

Makoto Niijima's justice will be served in Death Battle

Medaka Kurokami is too perfect for Death Battle

Makoto Niijima vs Medaka Kurokami: Battle of the Student Council Waifus

Break Time + Announcement + Next Time

Catwoman steals from Death Battle

Black Cat crosses Death Battle's path

Catwoman vs Black Cat: Cat Thieves

Darth Vader will unleash the dark side of Death Battle

Omni-man brawls through Death Battle

Darth Vader vs Omni-man: Bad Fathers Day

Joker has the first laugh in Death Battle

Junko Enoshima brings even more despair upon Death Battle

The Joker vs Junko Enoshima: We live in despair

Tohru is the maid of Death Battle

Sebastian Michaelis lives to serve Death Battle

Sebastian Michaelis vs Tohru: One Hell of a Monster

Spike Spiegel hits Death Battle with a Bang!

Revy has shot down Death Battle

Spike Spiegel vs Revy: Guns R Us

John Wick is up for a Death Battle

The Bride has unfinished business with Death Battle

John Wick vs Beatrix Kiddo: Payback Time

Sabrina forsees Death Battles challenge

Tatsumaki is relentless in Death Battle

Sabrina vs Tatsumaki: Real Psychic Power

Yu Narukami is Golden in Death Battle

Neptune has popped back into Death Battle

Yu Narukami vs Neptune: Battle in the TV World

Composite Sonic speed blitzes Death Battle! (Part 1)

Composite Sonic is too fast for Death Battle! (Part 2)

Gilgamesh is the true king of Death Battle (Part One)

Gilgamesh is the true king of Death Battle (Part 2)

Sonic(Composite) vs Gilgamesh(Composite): 100th Battle Celebration

Akame goes for another kill in Death Battle

Raven Branwen fights for her tribe in Death Battle

Akame vs Raven Branwen: Kill the Rebel

Itachi Uchiha is the crow of Death Battle

Ulquiorra Cifer has apathy towards Death Battle

Itachi Uchiha vs Ulquiorra Cifer: Crow of Apathy


Makoto Nanaya punches her way through Death Battle

Chie Satonaka takes her new moves to Death Battle

Makoto Nanaya vs Chie Satonaka: Clash of the Waifus

Azula bends the flames of Death Battle

Dabi burns through Death Battle

Azula vs Dabi: Burn it Down

Next Time on Death Battle

Crona doesn't know what to do in Death Battle

Shiro will bring carnage to Death Battle

Crona vs Shiro: Bloody Hell

Morrigan loves her time in Death Battle

Dizzy will protect her family in Death Battle

Morrigan vs Dizzy: A Monster's Wings

Halloween Special Announcement

The Undertaker is Death Battles Lord of Darkness

Freddy Krueger will haunt your dreams in Death Battle

The Undertaker vs Freddy Krueger: Halloween Havoc

Announcement + Next Time

Saber Artoria fights for her master in Death Battle

King Star Kirito is the new admin of Death Battle

Saber Artoria vs King Star Kirito: Hail to the King

Cell is perfect for Death Battle

Ultron hacks into Death Battle

Doomsday is the beast of Death Battle

Shadow will show you his true power in Death Battle

Mewtwo strikes back into Death Battle

Kars achieves perfection in Death Battle

The Ultimate Lifeform Battle Royal

Naruto Uzumaki is finally in Death Battle! Believe it! (Part 1)

Naruto Uzumaki is finally in Death Battle! Believe It! (Part 2)

Monkey D. Luffy will be King of the Pirates in Death Battle(Part 1)

Monkey D. Luffy will be King of the Pirates in Death Battle(Part 2)

Naruto Uzumaki vs Monkey D. Luffy: King of the Hokage!