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Unnatural Instinct: Blood Run

Authors: smashfiction

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 02-08-2022

Status: Completed

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He can smell your blood and you're on the run. What will happen when the monstrous male of your species catches you?

In a world where your species has been divided between the sexes for generations, you suddenly find yourself in the hands of your greatest enemy-your male counterpart. Wild, beast-like and violent, he is the antithesis of you and of all womankind.

After kidnapping you from your village, he drags you away from your friends and family to his lair in the depths of the forest.

His intent is simple: To ravish and impregnate you.

Helpless and hopeless, all you can do is suffer his capture as he waits for your menses to end. Only then will he complete his task. Resistance is futile. Escape is impossible. Yet, as you spend time together, you perceive things that make you wonder ...

Might there be more to him than you first thought? Is there a mind, even compassion, beneath all the hair, sweat and muscle?

More-could it be that the two halves of your species are more alike than you ever dared think?

Note: very high erotic content

Part 1 of the Unnatural Instinct Series: the hard and fast, wacky and naughty sexual encounters between humans and their monstrous or magical lovers.