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Authors: writerbrynnnn

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 22-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Will you trade in yourself for your father", I asked in a blank voice.

"Yes",she whimpered out in an instant.

Just like that my game was starting. The prey has taken the bait.

Lorenzo Demario,

The Don of the Italian Mafia,

The Devil's God,

He's referred to as the Devil's God,

Lorenzo is on a quest for vengeance,

He's on a revengeful quest, looking for the murderers of his parents.

He finds adulterated evidence against the Spanish mafia. He decides to use their heir against them,the heir they are all unaware of.

He orchestrates an elaborate plan,a sure way to get his revenge but that all melts away when their eyes meet.

Sapphire colored eyes clashing with forest green ones.

But along the line,he realizes that the heir,his tool for revenge, is his childhood best friend and sweetheart.

He has to decide between love and Duty.

Adrianna White,

She suffers from multiple personality Disorder,

She has a facade of a shy and sweet girl,

But at night, she's something else,

She becomes a terror at night,

She becomes "El Diablo"

She feels hate and loathing towards Lorenzo Demario for destroying her family,especially when she finds out he's her childhood love. She agrees to trade places with her sick father, promising to wreak havoc on Lorenzo.

But the lines of hatred blurred and turned into love. She falls in love and realizes that her life is her biggest lie.

What happens when they realize that the Russian Mafia pitted them against each other?

Will it be too late for them to see the glaring truth?

What happens when they discover that the Russians separated her from her biological family, the Spanish Mafia?

It's now more than a game of revenge

It's a game of death and Adrianna's psychotic side is coming out to play!

Read to find out how it all ends

Would they end up together?

Will they succeed?

Will they burn?

Read now!

A match fated by goddess Aphrodite herself,

A match made in heaven