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Read Traveling Human(SAO and Persona 5 Royal Arcs) -

Traveling Human(SAO and Persona 5 Royal Arcs)

Authors: YamiNoKami789

Genre: Adventure

Update: 08-06-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Nothing because it will be cringe
(Also parts of the each universe are a bit more altered characters being switched out, characters actually live. since I'm still getting used to story telling and my knowledge for the animes are kinda rusty)(also any media does not belong to me, they belong to their rightful owners)


Volume 1: Breaking the Timeline

Bio(updating for reasons)

Female Harem(updating is a pain)

Male Harem(updating)

Volume 2: Yuna is Saved

Volume 3: The Dark Slayer

Volume 4: Safe Zone Murder

Volume 5: Avenger Phantom

Volume 6: the Heat warms the heart

Volume 7: Soul Reaper yep that's me

Volume 8: Blue Eyed Demon vs Bankai

Volume 9: Crimson Killing Intent

Volume 10: Girl of the Morning Dew

Volume 11: Yui's Heart

Volume 12: Hell's Abyss Of the Edge

Volume 13: The End of this World

Volume 14: Mondstadt!?(Updated I guess?)

Volume 15: The Return

Volume 16: Land of the Fairies

Volume 17: Captive Fairy Queen

Volume 18: To The World Tree!!

Volume 19: The Legrue Corridor

Volume 20: General of the Blazing Flame

Volume 21: The Truth of ALfhime

Volume 22: The Grand Quest

Volume 23: Bonds

Volume 24: The Legendary Devil Hunter

Volume 25: The World Seed

OVA 1: First Mate

OVA 2: Second, Third and Fourth Mates

Volume 26: World of Guns

Volume 27: Cold Hearted Sniper

Volume 28: GGO

Volume 29: Guns, Swords and Honkai Energy

Volume 30: Showdown in the Wild

Volume 31: Crimson Memories

Volume 32: Bullets of Bullet Battle Royal

Volume 33: Fallen and Death Gun

Volume 34: Death Chasers

Volume 35: What is means to be strong

Volume 36: Bullet of the Phantom

Volume 37: Sinon, Kitsune, Kirito vs Fallen and Death Gun

Volume 38: New Step

Voulme 39: The Legendary Lady joins the Team/Harem and New lives

Volume 40: Queen of the Lake

Volume 41: King of the Giants

Volume 42: Three Excailburs the better!!

Volume 43: House in the Forest

Volume 44: Zekken

Volume 45: Sleeping Knights

Volume 46: Swordmen's Monument

Volume 47: End of the Journey

Volume 48: Start of the dream/Brother vs brother Round 2

Volume 49: Yuuki is saved

Volume 50: Underworld, Broken Rule and Reuinon never wanted

Volume 51: The Demon Tree

Volume 52: The End Mountains

Volume 53: Departure

Volume 54: Ocean Turtle

Volume 55: Project Alicization

Volume 56: Swordcraft Academy

Volume 57: Pride of a Swordsman

Volume 58: Noblemen's Responsibility and Farewell

Volume 58.5: Promise

Volume 59: Let's paint the room red

Volume 60: Central Catherdal

Volume 61: Sage of the Library

Volume 62: Ruler and Mediator

Volume 63: Crimson Knight

Volume 64: Knight hiding in a Helmet

Volume 65: Osmanthus vs Soul Reaper

Volume 66: Medina!?