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TOXIC LOVE┃Chucky x Reader

Authors: certifiedgoodguy

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 13-02-2022

Status: Completed

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You're a fan of the movies. You're a fan of horror. Deciding on getting the replica of Chucky from the well known sequels, you get the best version of him, when he had stitches. (Seed of Chucky)
'Movies are movies' you thought.
Fiction turned for the worst as it became a reality. Nothing was as it seems. Was "worst" a good word for it?
Hey guys, thanks if you clicked on this book! I don't know if I've completely lost my mind with writing this, but quarantine got me doing new things and binge watching old movies that I almost forgot about-
BEFORE READING_ (YOU ARE 18). This story will contain: Strong language, Gore, Mild and Heavy Intimacy, Graphic Sex, Doll touching (obviously), Doll sex, Name Calling, Murder/Homicide, Use of Drugs, Slight Depression, Arguing, Trust Issues, Conflict, Tension, Surprise, Alter in Behavior, Mystery, Suspense, Controversy.

DC- Chucky will NOT turn human in this book and you will not turn into a doll, If you're not into that, don't report, click off. Thanks!
Language: English
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