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Authors: SameeraHashmi

Genre: New Adult

Update: 21-08-2022

Status: Completed

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Born in Dubai, Shahista had always been pampered by her five elder brothers and her father after the death of her mother at an early age. But over the years things changed, when her father sent her to live with her aunt in India, she never guessed that her brothers would forget her so easily and get busy with their lives and their jobs. Her heart got broken when her new sister in law started dominating everything including her brothers & father, and her life was snatched away from her . Now years later when she had made peace with the fact that she would never get her old life back and have settled in India with her aunt, her father calls her back to Dubai. Shahista now has to return and face her past horrors again. Join shahista as she embarks on a journey of friendship, love and pain as she returns back to Dubai. Not to forget that she unintenionally catches the interest of Dubai richest buisnessmen the young and dashing Sarfaraz Zaroon..