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Read The Wings Of A Caged Bird | First Draft -

The Wings Of A Caged Bird | First Draft

Authors: pomalo_

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 20-08-2022

Status: Completed

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[Sequel to The Wish From Heaven!] Finding no other option, Cedar Lockwood takes the completely out-of-character decision of running away from home to spend the remaining days with his temporary companion, July. Finally free from the cage he was born in, Cedar begins his flight through the ever-extending sky. But his tender heart was not prepared for the cruelties and hardships the real world holds for him.

Now coming in terms with his internal conflicts and embracing his dreams to the fullest stands as his biggest obstacle. However, as the clock ticks by and his time together with July draws to an end, Cedar discovers that running away from your feelings isn't as easy as running away from home.

Will Cedar finally be able to become more honest with himself? Will the wish his best friend made with love be finally fulfilled? Join Cedar in his journey of self-discovery in the final book of this tear-soaked duology.


Cover illustration by Tom Haugomat (more info in author's notes)


Started : 15 October, 2020
Ended : 18 August, 2022


author's notes

part 2 | prologue

chapter 1 : my turn to fly

chapter 2 : i had no choice

chapter 3 : jeremiah bridge

chapter 4 : i hate this

chapter 5 : there is guilt in loving

chapter 6 : the paper bird

side stories | edgar; dale

chapter 7 : my heart will go on

chapter 8 : tortoise shells

chapter 9 : it's all that snake's fault

chapter 10 : such is our bond

chapter 11: it's not real

chapter 12 : july's haiku

side stories | alex; alison

chapter 13 : superpowers

chapter 14 : lies and dreams

chapter 15 : when you're brave

chapter 16 : you are the sun

chapter 17 : be careful what you wish for

chapter 18 : you are a gift to me

chapter 19 : tiara's family

chapter 20 : just another diamond day

chapter 21: make it right

chapter 22: cedar the beekeeper

chapter 23: the cycle of poverty

side-stories | george; edgar

chapter 24: the joy of honey

chapter 25: the bridgetown

chapter 26: a person i was

chapter 27: in the caliginous fog

chapter 28: the unlucky forehead

chapter 29: this is what happiness feels like

chapter 30: grandpa's library

chapter 31: a last chance

side-stories | dale; aster

chapter 32: beeswax candles

chapter 33: the stormy october night

chapter 34: cedar goes on a mission

chapter 35: the ygbtm movement

chapter 36: tiara's purpose

chapter 37: flirting 101

chapter 38: two women kissing

chapter 39: only once, will i love

side-story | alison

chapter 40: a difficult confrontation

chapter 41: a tale of brothers

side-stories | july; august

chapter 42: doubts of a young heart

chapter 43: an unexpected request

chapter 44: a hasty farewell

chapter 45: the midnight cinema hall

chapter 46: the final regret

chapter 47: all the colours in the world

chapter 48: at the cedar forest

side-story | edgar

chapter 49: selfishness, or cowardice?

chapter 50: coincidental reunion

chapter 51: about feelings

chapter 52: family

chapter 53: dream of dawn

chapter 54: good memories, bad memories

chapter 55: the final dance

chapter 56: no second chances

chapter 57: happy birthday

chapter 58: forever and nevermore