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The Unified Nation Aot x Male Reader

Authors: TheOnePouka

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 27-07-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Y/N Grice, known to be the most difficult person you will ever meet was forced to join the Warrior Unit. If it wasn't for his talents of speed and intelligence, then he would be like any other douchebag you would know. Not for Marley though. Following with Y/N's Uncle's sin for being an Eldian Restorationist, Y/N was subjected to Titan experiments to keep his family's reputation intact. Unfortunately, Y/N was sent to Paradis Island for a secret mission and he has never been heard since. Now a new batch of Marley Warriors were sent to Paradis Island. Will the Marley Warriors be able to discover Y/N? And will he join them with their mission? Or will he be mentally traumatized from Marley and start to join the Devils of Paradise Island?