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The Twins & Me

Authors: starrry_nights

Genre: New Adult

Update: 20-04-2022

Status: Completed

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"We learned to share from a very early age-shared everything, you know? Once I introduced you two, there was no going back to having you just for myself."

College freshman Wren North enters her first year of University with no friends, no boyfriend, and only her older sister Lila for company -- until she meets the engaging, funny, and extremely attractive Arlo Levitt.

Their chemistry sparks instantly, and Wren's feeling the sexual tension build between them as the weeks go on. But then Arlo's twin, Oliver, inserts himself into the picture and makes it clear he doesn't like his brother's game of keep-away.

Wren must decide what to do when she discovers Arlo and Oliver have always shared everything... and will always share.

★ Mature content, please read the Author's Note! ★