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The continuation of our adventure

Authors: Shizu-san_write

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 07-03-2023

Status: Ongoing

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A not related siblings that experience a bad past and who seperated to each other but meet after years in the school that faraway to the place should they continue there's adventure? or stay in that place


I don't own any image that will be added in this story i found them in Pinterest the places is not True either I don't really now what place I'm going to add ahhaha so I just add the places in Japan and sorry for the grammar I'm not really good in English and it's my first story but not that first cause I also writing the FANALIS HERO LIFE but I don't think that I'm going to continue that hahaahhaha it also going to be cringe ahahahah

and of course it just a boring story I just want to write something that always in my mind and always imagine it feels real though but yeah hahahaha there's some scene that connected to anime and I know it's cringe but still want to write it ahhahaha so that's all ENJOYYYYYYYY

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Started writing: October 06 2022