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The Stars Will Catch Me

Authors: angelica_is_a_person

Genre: Fantasy

Update: 19-01-2023

Status: Completed

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Almost everyone would agree that to fly would be an amazing thing but what if it came at the cost of the lives of children?

Seventeen year old Dovie's rights have been waived to a corrupt research facility seeking to give humans the ability to fly. Trapped and helpless, she makes a rash decision that ends with a mysterious but charming boy showing up at her window, promising to whisk her away to a place where she can escape it all. Little does she know, Dovie has been thrown into something much more complicated than the life she left behind - a rebellion that seeks to free all children from the grasp of the evil man running the experiments - a rebellion run by teenagers.

Not all the odds are against them because soon the serums begin to work, giving the group of forgotten and unloved youths extraordinary abilities.

A sci-fi spin on Peter Pan.

Cover by: _chanceuxx_