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The Sound of Magic (Ri Eul x Reader)

Authors: KDramaFantasies

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 02-04-2023

Status: Completed

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"Do you.... believe in magic?"

Imagine yourself in the magical world of Ri Eul, a magician who may or may not be a little off his rocker. He claims to be a real magician, but at times his tricks seem to be just that--tricks. You've known him since before he decided to become a magician, so you find it difficult to believe he can really perform magic. Will he be able to convince you that his magic is real...?

This is a Reader x Ri Eul story, based on the Kdrama "The Sound of Magic." I do not own this Kdrama or any of the characters.

No smut, but things will get pretty *spicy* sometimes.... ;D

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(Dec. 2022)