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The Son of Eraser Head (My Hero Academia)

Authors: SydLizzyFayeClark

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 11-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Akira Aizawa is the son of the famous hero, Eraser Head. Being raised by his father after the tragic death of his mother, Akira grows up learning from many famous heroes who teach with his father. That does not mean there are not obstacles. With the constant attacks from villains, trying to make new friends and reconciling with an old one, and being born with an extremely dangerous quirk, Akira fights against the odds to become one of the best heroes the world has ever seen.


Akira Aizawa

Chapter 1: The Entrance Exams

Chapter 2: The First Day at UA

Chapter 3: Mock Battles

Chapter 4: Claustrophobia

Chapter 5: Attack on the USJ

Chapter 6: The Son of Death

Chapter 7: Tokaba Mizukage

Chapter 8: The Truth

Chapter 9: Awkward

Chapter 10: Forgiveness

Chapter 11: Shota Aizawa - Pro Hero and Father

Chapter 12: Beginning - The Sports Festival

Chapter 13: The Cavalry Battle

Chapter 14: The Finals Part 1

Chapter 15: The Finals Part 2

Chapter 16: The Finals Part 3

Chapter 17: Ending - The Sports Festival

Chapter 18: The Red-Eyed Hero - Dracula

Chapter 19: Interning with Endeavor

Chapter 20: Stain the Hero Killer

Chapter 21: The Aftermath

Chapter 22: A Day to Relax

Chapter 23: A Night They Will Always Remember

Chapter 24: Training with Endeavor

Chapter 25: Day 5 of Internship - Patrols

Chapter 26 - Day 6 of Internships: Breaking and Entering, but Mostly Breaking

Chapter 27: The Final Day of Internships

Chapter 28: Gaia's Son

Chapter 29: Adding More Rules to a Rule-Filled Life

Chapter 30: Him

Chapter 31: Dark Akira

Chapter 32: Studying For Final Exams

Chapter 33: Pre-Final Nerves

Chapter 34: Todoroki's Test

Chapter 35: Akira's Final Exam Part 1

Chapter 36: Akira's Final Exam Part 2

Chapter 37: The Difference Between Protection and Sheltering

Chapter 38: First Trip to the Mall = Last Trip to the Mall

Chapter 39: Preparation and Problems

Chapter 40: Summer Training Camp Bound

Chapter 41: Summer Camp ~ A Special Kind of Hell

Chapter 42: Good Things Don't Last

Chapter 43: The Attack on the Training Camp

Chapter 44: His Sacrifice