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The New Order

Authors: Blu_Koral

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 06-11-2022

Status: Completed

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*Completed on 2-1-2020. Any future updates will be edits, or possibly side stories. Arc 1 has ended.


This story contains man on man content. Will contain elements of bsdm, ddlb, pet play and more. It is not however a story about the bdsm lifestyle whatsoever. I give fair warning. Will also contain supernatural elements, including male pregnancy.

To those who enjoy darker themed stories, please enjoy.

To those who do not - please don't continue. This story is not intended for the faint of heart.

Or the underage. This is rated mature for a reason. If you aren't of legal age, parental consent would be required to purchase this story in a store. Keep that in mind.

Continue at your own risk.


Once upon a time humans believed themselves to be the only intelligent life in existence. That all changed the day Earth was invaded by the New Order, the organization from another dimension which was established for the sole purpose of taking over other worlds. These trained forces were far superior to the human race. In intelligence, strength, speed, abilities, and technological advances. Amongst other things.

The takeover was brief and brutal. The entire human race was rounded up and subjected to one of two horrible fates - the slaughterhouse, or the slave factories. What would become of those sent to the slave factories was arguably a fate worse than death.

As the New Order enacted and enforced their laws on the survivors of the human race, they began to adapt, but it wasn't long before whispers of a new threat started to spread like wildfire within the factories. Whispers of people from the homeland of the New Order coming to Earth. What will happen to the humans when these outer worlders come a-knocking?