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The New Dudez

Authors: IMSammiKat5

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 18-08-2020

Status: Completed

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Roxy Ramone is not the typical teenage girl. She's beautiful as her friend Dalton Rappattoni says, she's smart, she's got some street cred, and she's got some firey combacks. And most guys have a crush on her but there is one that she doesn't want to believe is crushing on her- Cole Pendery from IM5. Although there is one guy she wished would crush on her- her best friend Dalton Rapattoni.

Cole Pendery is kind of known as a player but that all changes when he meets Roxy Ramone. He can't help but like her and he wants to change his terrible cred. Even though he tries hard Roxy just won't like him or go out with him. What will he do?

Dalton Rapattoni- a former guy from IM5 is best friends with Roxy Ramone. But he doesn't want to be just friends with her. He's never just wanted to be friends with her. Ever since he laid eyes on her when she auditioned for their girl vocalist for his band, he's liked her. He knew he had to be with her but she made it clear she just wants to be friends or at least he thinks so.

What will happen? Who will Roxy choose? Don't y'all love love triangles?! Ha! You're welcome! Hope you go forth and read this! :)